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Department ofInformation Systems and Analytics


Chart of business analytics being analyzed.

Chart of business analytics being analyzed.

LSB Launches New Business Analytics Minor

The new business analytics minor will cater to a growing, innovative industry.

The ISA department is officially launching a new Business Analytics Minor as of Spring Quarter 2018. The minor will support undergraduate business students as they develop skills that can help them innovate and lead within business analyst and data scientist roles.

The future is incredibly bright for those who decide to pursue a career in these fields. As the use of big data continues to rise, the demand for business analysts significantly increases. Furthermore, there is currently a serious shortage within the US job market of candidates with analytical expertise. Students who choose to minor in business analytics can expect to be attractive candidates in an exponentially growing industry.

Here is how Professor Haibing Lu, Department Chair, Associate Professor, ISA Department , summarized the minor: “Business Analytics is critical in creating the synergy between data governance, data analytics, and the optimization of operational systems and processes. A minor in Business Analytics will support undergraduate business students to acquire the fundamental skills that can help them perform scientific, data-driven analysis of all aspects of business operations and making sound, ethical and well-grounded business decisions.”  Click here for more details on the minor and the business analytics industry.

Requirements and how to enroll in the Business Analytics Minor:

Please note the Business Analytics Minor is for business majors only.

In order to best plan for the minor, students are advised to first take prerequisites which include OMIS 30 (Introduction to Programming) and OMIS 41 (Statistics and Data Analytics II) or ECON 41 and 42. These classes are offered during each quarter of the school year. The required courses for Business Analytics Minor include OMIS 105, OMIS 109, OMIS 114, OMIS 115. Furthermore, the minor requires one elective from OMIS 113, ACTG 134, ACTG 155, ECON 173, ECON 174, FNCE 146, FNCE 148, and MKTG 182.  For more information on the minor please visit website or email the department at


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