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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University

Faculty Webinars

Navigating Uncertainty: Implications for Business Strategy and Culture
May 19, 2020
Tammy Madsen, Jo-Ellen Pozner

Moving an organization from where it is today to where it needs to go is rarely easy. The novel, dynamic, and unpredictable nature of our current context adds another layer of urgency and complexity. 

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Marketing and Branding Yourself for Board Directorship: Telling Your Story
April 15, 2020

An important part in your search for the right board position is developing confidence in yourself and how you articulate your areas of strength as a potential board member. Learn how to tell your story when considering potential board membership, and how searching for a board directorship is different from seeking an executive position.

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Innovation in Silicon Valley
February 6, 2020

Every company preaches the importance of innovation; however, there is a high failure rate. In this webinar, learn how Silicon Valley firms innovate and become successful corporate entrepreneurs.

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Smart & Healthy: Successful Organizations Balance Both
January 30, 2020

Most organizations are very good at being smart—they spend a lot of time on strategy, marketing, operations, technology, etc. However, that’s never enough. In this webinar, Dennis Lanham, Executive Director of the Silicon Valley Executive Center, dives deep into the complexity of smart vs healthy organizations and gives participants a framework to think about this in their own context.

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The ABCs of Business Valuation
January 22, 2020

Professor Atulya Sarin will focus on discounted cash-flow analysis, cost of capital, and market multiples. We will discuss best practices to avoid biases and capture uncertainty that is inherent in free cash flow forecasting.

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Understanding Capital Budgeting to Make the Right Investment Decisions
May 23, 2019

Making the right capital investment decisions is vital for the future success of any company. Learn the basics of capital budgeting, the process in which a company evaluates potential investment opportunities such as building new plants, investing in R&D, or making mergers and acquisitions.

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Forecasting Beer Production Using Time Series Analysis
April 23, 2019
Dan Trepanier

When facing a business question, it’s important to put thought into the problem, try to understand what data is needed for your analysis, try different techniques to arrive at an answer, and be prepared to fail. Most analyses don’t lead to a crisp answer the first time. Iteration is key.

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