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Course Planning

How to Complete Your Course Plan

A Step-by-Step Guide 

1. Print out an eCampus Transcript Degree Audit

From your eCampus Student Center
Choose "Degree Progress" under Academic History
Choose "Santa Clara University" for Academic Institution
Choose "UnofTranscript + Degree Audit" for Report Type
Click on "Go"

2. Obtain a Requirements Checklist and a Course Planning Worksheet (in PDF format or in an Excel workbook)

3. Fill out the Requirements Checklist using your transcription and degree audit

4. Transfer all the courses with blank boxes on the Requirements Checklist to the Course Planning Worksheet

Use tentative course schedules to anticipate which quarter courses will likely be offered

Verify you will meet all prerequisites BEFORE the quarter you plan to take a particular class

Enter placeholders for required major courses if you haven't declared a major:

Accounting  7 - 8 courses
Accounting and Information Systems  12 courses
Economics  7 courses
Finance  5 - 6 courses
Management  5 courses
Marketing  5 courses
Operations Management & Information Systems  7 courses

Leavey Scholars should use the Leavey Scholars Course Planning worksheet (XLS)

5. Total the number of units

Confirm that there are 175 units total, of which 60 units are upper division (courses number 100 and above)

6. Meet with your faculty advisor (or Drahmann Center advisor) to have your course plan reviewed.

Resources to Answer Your Questions

LSB Peer Advisors can help you fill these out or do an initial check after you have completed the plan. Once you have fully completed your course plan you should make an appointment with your assigned faculty advisor to review the plan. If you plan to double-major or add minors to your Course Plan, you should review it with a Drahmann Center Advisor (408-554-4318) who is best equipped to advise across Schools.

Online resources are available throughout the Business Undergraduate site, including Requirement Checklists, Prerequisite Lists, and links to upcoming quarter schedules. 

You may also visit the Undergraduate Business Programs Office in Lucas 115.