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Davis Dow: Maximizing Time Efficiency

Finding a balance between schoolwork, involvements, and leisure to make the most out of the college experience. Finding a balance between schoolwork, involvements, and leisure to make the most out of the college experience.

Davis Dow

Entering the grand gates of Santa Clara University as a first year, I was brimming with anticipation and excitement. Even though the reality of college life was radically different from high school, the challenge was one I eagerly embraced. The Leavey School of Business became my new home, and the prospect of in-person classes was a thrilling one. Yet, the academic routine of SCU was vastly different from my high school timetable. Instead of six to seven consecutive hours of classes, my schedule had gaps. Some days, my first class started at 3:45 PM, leaving me ample free time, a luxury I hadn't been accustomed to in high school. 

The newfound freedom was exhilarating, but it also came with the hazard of falling into a trap of procrastination. It was easy to think, "My class isn’t until the afternoon. I can afford to relax for a while." However, this mindset often led to late-night study sessions and the pressing realization that time, once wasted, is impossible to regain. With this newfound wisdom, I decided to turn my free hours into opportunities. Resisting the temptation to lounge or lose hours relaxing in my dorm, I chose to get involved. I proudly joined Leavey Ambassadors, the Tennis Club, and the Latinx Business Students Association (LBSA). Each engagement brought with it a unique set of experiences and growth opportunities. As a Leavey Ambassador, I had the chance to guide potential students and represent our business school. Joining the Tennis Club meant regular physical activity, teamwork, and some friendly competition. Being a part of the LBSA allowed me to connect with fellow students, and understand the business landscape from a unique perspective. 

In addition to participating in these organizations, I discovered the power of doing homework as soon as I got it. This created stress-free time to work on personal projects or go on a hike with friends. Also, designating time for regular study sessions in the library, grabbing lunch with friends at the Benson Center, or the routine practice at the Tennis Club, helped bring structure to my day, increasing my productivity. Navigating the first year at Santa Clara University was no small feat. It taught me the importance of balancing academic, social, and personal life. It's fun to bask in the California sun, engage in social activities, and explore new interests, but carving out time for study and rest is equally essential. 

Dear fellow Broncos, remember, the time we have at SCU is precious. The way we choose to manage it can profoundly shape our college journey. So let's embrace every moment, stay engaged, and make our time at Santa Clara University truly worthwhile!

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