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Zach McCarthy: The End of My Stay

My time abroad is coming to a close and I can not believe how fast it has gone by
My time abroad is coming to a close and I can not believe how fast it has gone by. I only have one more week in Dublin and it mainly consists of taking and studying for finals. I am currently heading to London to meet fellow Leavey ambassador, Will Stanco, before I head back to the US. While abroad, I have been able to take some of my first business upper division core classes and am particularly enjoying my finance course here. When I get back to Santa Clara I am excited to take my first Real Estate course for my minor. I will be taking Real Estate Principles with Jim Whelan and I have heard great reviews about the course. Santa Clara structures their curriculum by having you take lots of core classes and classes outside your major focus early on in your college career. This ends up working nicely as you learn more specific skills for your job and major as you prepare to enter the workforce. I am very excited to start taking my major courses and specialize in finance and real estate. 
Since I last gave an update on my time abroad, I have been able to head back to Spain, visit Amsterdam, and visit Paris. In Amsterdam, Will Stanco and I were able to visit the MOCA museum and see galleries of art created by Banksy. I watched a documentary on Banksy in high school and have always admired his work. Paris was especially exciting as I was able to see the Louvre Museum and walk through the Catacombs to see skulls and bones that have been buried under the city for hundreds of years. I was also able to go to the top of the Arc of Paris and see an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and gaze over lots of Paris. It was amazing learning about the history of Paris and how many revolutions the city and country have gone through. Even though the historical attractions were incredible to explore, the best part of exploring Paris may have been the food! It was eye-opening to see how large some European cities are. Paris seemed to be massive and yet it seemed small compared to how large London is. I definitely enjoyed how Dublin is a smaller city where you can walk to almost anything. 
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