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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University


Jacklin Kertayasa
Jacklin Kertayasa
Marketing & Economics Majors
International Business & Japanese Minors
Fremont, California

Areas of Interest at SCU and LSB: As an Economics major, I am interested in economic development and international trade. I also have a data analysis concentration, so I have built up my data wrangling and visualization skills through multiple data analysis classes. As a Marketing major, I've developed an interest in using data-driven marketing techniques and digital marketing. I am also very passionate about global engagement at SCU, particularly study abroad, and I love talking to students to help them figure out the best study abroad program for them.

What are your SCU and LSB activities/general hobbies: At SCU I am a peer advisor at SCU Study Abroad, a research assistant at Santa Clara Urban Issues Lab (SCUIRL) under Professor Kevane & Sundstrom, the president of The Language Learning Club, an Economics and Japanese tutor at the Drahmann Center, and a student ambassador for the Modern Language and Literature Department, in addition to being an LSB Ambassador. Outside of school, I enjoy cooking and baking new recipes. I also love traveling and language learning.  

What global experiences have you had in college? 
In Winter Quarter 2021, I participated in Study Abroad’s new global business innovation fellowship program. I got the opportunity to meet students from around the world through this program, as I was placed in a team of 6 with students from Italy, Vietnam, and Nepal and a mentor from Poland. Within the 12 week program, our team developed a conceptual business plan targeted at improving the quality of education in flood-ridden areas of Vietnam. I am also looking forward to studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea in Spring 2022. 

What Internship Experience Have you had? I interned at the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship during my sophomore and junior year. I was paired with a nonprofit called The Harvest Fund, a company that has developed a farming accelerator for women in Zambia. I also interned at Genentech as a Project Controls intern during the summer of my Junior year and throughout my senior year. Additionally, I have worked as a research assistant in the economics department through SCUIRL, researching current housing and homelessness initiatives in the Bay Area.

Favorite LSB Class and Why? 
Econ 41 & 42: Econometrics and Data Analysis with Professor Ardelean. This class and lab was a great introduction to R and statistics in economics. I especially enjoyed playing around with data during the weekly R labs, and Professor Ardelean did a great job of thoroughly explaining the connection between R and what we learned during lectures. The class helped me solidify my decision to pursue economics, as it gave me confidence that I would be able to learn the hard skills necessary to do so. 

What made you choose to attend LSB? 
I wasn’t planning to go into business during the college application process, but Santa Clara was the only college I applied to as a business major. LSB’s Preview Days and admitted student events convinced me that LSB would help me build a strong foundation, regardless of what field I want to go into in the future. Its great location in Silicon Valley helped me solidify my decision. 

What advice you wish you had while applying to college?
Research is half of the college application process, so start early and do research on schools you might be interested in before college application season starts. Popular colleges at your high school/among your peers might not be for you, so try to figure out what you want from your college experience instead of simply following the crowd. (If you’re on this page you’re already taking a big step in the right direction!)