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Maya Safadi
Maya Safadi
Economics Major
Fresno, California

Areas of Interest at SCU and LSB: I fell in love with economics early on, and so I decided to become an econ major  in the LSB. I have met so many interesting professors within the econ department  whose econ backgrounds have led them in so many different interesting directions. I  am really excited about SCU’s unique business opportunities being in the heart of  Silicon Valley, and I can’t wait to get involved in the business world! 

What are your SCU and LSB activities/general hobbies:  At SCU, one of my favorite involvements has been being a member of the  University Honors Program. The program is filled with really interesting and driven  students, so I have been able to meet so many cool people that way. The program does  lots of events and socials, so it has been a great way to get involved. Outside of school, my hobbies include travel, skiing, off-roading, cooking, and  baking. I love to explore new places, so being from the Central Valley of CA, it has  been super exciting to move to Santa Clara. I love to go on drives and explore new  parts of the Bay Area, check out the area’s natural beauties, and of course find amazing  restaurants. 

What global experiences have you had in college? First and foremost, I’ve been able to connect with amazing people from across the globe. I’ve met so many students and professors that have come to SCU from  many different countries, each with their own unique story and perspective. It has been  really great to be surrounded with such global community. Another great part of LSB’s  global experience is MGMT 80, which is an international business class. Through that  class I was exposed to so many different countries and was able to learn about their  culture, traditions, politics, laws, and much more. This was such a great and certainly  valuable experience, as the business world is incredibly diverse! 

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at LSB?  One of the first opportunities that I took part in was becoming a Leavey  Ambassador. This has not only been very fun and rewarding, but it has also allowed me  to connect with so many more people and professors/faculty. I loved being an  ambassador so much, that I decided i wanted to become more involved. So, I took the  opportunity and interviewed to become a Program Assistant for the ambassador  program. I am very excited to now be coming into that role for the remainder of my time  at SCU.  I have also applied to numerous summer internships, and I am thrilled to have a  few offers to choose from. Talking with advisors at the career center has really helped  me find success with internship opportunities.

Favorite LSB Class and Why? My favorite class so far has been ACTG 12. The name of this class does not do it  a justice. It is not really accounting; it’s about making business decisions. This class  taught us the most important numbers, statistics, and considerations involved in the  most common types of business decisions. Prof. Maglione paired the already interesting material with a multitude of really engaging anecdotes and business stories  from his very amazing career. I felt that this class really tied all the different subjects  together cohesively; finance, econ, accounting, marketing, and more all made their  appearances in a very useful and applicable way. This class really gives a great look at  how business comes together. 

What made you choose to attend LSB? The opportunities, hands down. You really cannot beat the location if you’re  interested in any kind of business career. There is a wealth of opportunities here, and  so many really cool people to learn from along the way. I loved the curriculum; when I  was comparing the classes I would be taking at my different college options, I truly felt  like none of the others would give me such a well-rounded business education. 

What advice you wish you had while applying to college?  Focus on the daily life aspects of the colleges you’re looking at. Don’t worry about stats or rankings. Think about what makes you happiest, what kind of classes  and topics you want to learn about, and what your lifestyle and hobbies are. Think  about your strengths and weaknesses. Dive deep into the different degree programs  and see what’s really involved. Check out the individual classes you will be taking.  Check out what activities people do both on and off campus. Think about what kinds of  things you need to do to achieve your career goals. My advice would be to focus on  colleges that cater to your priorities with each of those things, rather than focusing on  how much prestige or what rankings the college has.