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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University

Microfinance Association


The Microfinance Association at SCU is committed to promoting microfinance within the SCU community and assisting local nonprofits in their efforts to do so as well. We are a hardworking, motivated group of individuals looking to make the world a better place. The Microfinance Association is perfect for any student interested in both business and philanthropy. Please email us at and on Instagram @scu_microfinance


Our Goal:

SCU Microfinance is an association that works to plan project-based activities that can teach members about non-traditional ways that businesses may raise capital. We also serve as a way to grow your professional network and social connections. 

AIS Major

Thuy Tran


Finance Major
MIS Minor

Lauren Chan


Vice President
MIS Major
Business Analytics and International Business Minors

Jenny Zhan


Chief Financial Officer
AIS Major

Cynthia Hong

Chief Marketing Officer
Accounting Major
Business Analytics Minor

Meili Tompson

Outreach Manager
Finance Major
Real Estate Minor

Jack Fleishmann