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Student spotlight 2020
Darius Johnson

Summer Analyst
JP Morgan

Finance Major
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
What are you doing this summer? This summer I interned with JP Morgan as a Summer Analyst. My role was focused on understanding JP Morgan as a firm, their lines of business and focusing on the Corporate and Investment Banking division at JPM. I had a chance to work on various projects, connect with bankers and perform my role as an analyst for 7 weeks.
What has been the most memorable part of your experience? Aside from networking with great people, I’ve had the chance to consult with banks that have over $300MM in AUM and advise on ways to increase top line performance and generate healthy balance sheets. Additionally, I’ve sourced potential businesses for the bank to acquire to enhance their offerings and data strategies. The best part is learning technical skills but even more so it’s the opportunity to meet other interns (virtually) and solve complex problems together.