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Student spotlight 2020
Jeremy King

Orientation Peer Advisor & HR Intern
SCU & The Borgen Project

Management Major
Hometown: Brookfield, Wisconsin
What are you doing this summer? This summer I helped SCU orientation as a peer advisor. I shared my first year experience and helped to answer questions about life in the business school and at Santa Clara. I also have been working as an HR intern for the Borgen Project, a nonprofit out of Seattle, WA that fights global poverty through US foreign policy.  My job at the Borgen Project includes contacting US politicians, recruiting and helping with fundraising.
What has been the most memorable part of your experience?  The most memorable part of my experiences has been talking with incoming students and parents about Santa Clara and why I enjoy attending this university. I have also enjoyed being able to make a real impact on the world with my work for the Borgen Project, a non profit which fights extreme global poverty.