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The LSB Class of 2025

Welcome to the Leavey School of Business Class of 2025! 

Learn a little bit more about the Class of 2025: where they are from, what they like and what they are looking forward to at SCU!  We will be adding more profiles as we get the information. Check back in periodically and follow us on @scubusiness to see the updates! 

Jesuit College Prep of Dallas
Dallas, Texas

Connor Menke

Fun Fact: Lived in Colorado, Tennessee, Canada, & Hawaii

Dougherty Valley High School
San Ramon, California

Ankita Meka

I am excited to meet new people & start in person classes

Evergreen Valley High School
San Jose, California

Anish Balabhadra

Looking forward to experiencing college life at SCU

St. John Bosco High School
Long Beach, California

Daniel Sierra

Fun Fact:  I am a photographer

Shanghai American School
Cupertino, California

Jessica Pu

Looking forward to joining an ensemble

Scripps Ranch High School
San Diego, California

Giancarlo da Silva

Looking forward to exploring a new area

The Convent of the Visitation
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Lilly Francis

Fun Fact:  Can do a cartwheel with no hands

Wego Private Senior High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Tsai-Yi (Ingrid) Chou

Enjoys: Listening to music

Washington High School
Fremont, California

Chelsie Gnanasekaran

Fun Fact:  I'm a musician

Hill-Murray High School
Woodbury, Minnesota

Eric Wolsfeld

I am excited to go from Minnesota to California weather

Evergreen Valley High School
San Jose, California

Hoang-Ha LuuPham

Enjoys:  Making music and playing video games

Beaver Country Day School
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

Alex Cracraft

Fun Fact:  Run four half-marathons

University Preparatory Academy
San Jose, California

Chelsea Nguyen

I am excited to meet people from all over the world

Woodinville High School
Seattle, Washington

Kai Matthew

Excited to getting involved on campus

Mayfield Senior School
Los Angeles, California

Alejandra Casillas

Fun Fact:   My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip

Punahou School
Mililani, Hawaii

Lance Tamagawa

Excited to get off the island & meet new people

Hinsdale Central High School
Hinsdale, Illinois

Ann Waldo

Excited to live & learn in a new region of the country

Frankfort High School
Frankfort, Michigan

Walker Schindler

Excited to explore the Bay Area

Carnegie Vanguard High School
Houston, Texas

Mia Stockton

Enjoys:  Extreme sports

Loyola High School
Los Angeles, California

Robert Roges

Enjoys:  Playing pick up basketball

California High School
San Ramon, California

Kaitlyn Perry

Excited to travel around San Jose

Holy Family High School
Boulder, Colorado

Quinn Sousa

Excited to study on such a beautiful campus

International School Manila
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Samantha Lim

Fun Fact:  I'm a certified personal trainer

Mayfield Senior School
Los Angeles, California

Mia Loewel

Enjoys:  Going to the beach & try new restaurants

University Preparatory Academy
San Jose, California

Phoebe Kodamanchilli

Looking forward to new experiences

Port Townsend High School
Chimacum, Washington

River Kisler

Fun Fact:  Competed on my school's mock trial team

International School of Latvia
Semey, Kazakhstan

Nargiz Kudaibergenova

Fun Fact:  My brain creates new words that don't exist

Christian Brothers High School
Elk Grove, California

David Hock

Enjoys:  Making music on his computer

Mercer Island High School
Mercer Island, Washington

Thomas Wall

Excited to take interesting classes & meet new people

Taipei Wego Private High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Sienna Lin

Fun Fact:  I like dancing & my favorite TV series is HIMYM

Gilroy High School
Gilroy California

Kathryn Yambao

Fun Fact:  I have traveled to 6 continents

Mira Costa High School
Manhattan Beach, California

Grace O’Brien

I love going to concerts and listening to new music.

International School of Port of Spain

Asia Chan

Fun Fact: I enjoy going on spontaneous adventures

Stevenson School
Pacific Grove, California

Connor Cosand

Enjoys:  Spending time outside with friends

Lakeridge High School
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Emily Bachman

Excited for opportunities and people in sunny California

Ruben S. Ayala High School
Chino Hills, California

Yael Grimaldi

Fun Fact:  I am an artist

Boston College High School
Newton, Massachusetts

Aidan Oates

Excited about the weather on the other side of the country

Marian High School
Omaha, Nebraska

Natalie Cusick

Excited to meet new people & live in a new place

Fairfield Prep
Fairfield, Connecticut

Rick Kral

Fun Fact:  I captain boats in the summer & volunteer ski patrol in the winter

Valor Christian High School
Denver, Colorado

Lyla Carlson

Fun Fact:  I am scuba certified

North Tahoe High School
Kings Beach, California

Aturo Pacheco Martinez

Fun Fact: I was on the peak of the tallest mountain in Tahoe last Tuesday

Ponderosa High School
El Dorado Hills, California

Natalie Place

Fun Fact:  I have traveled to over 8 countries

Summit Country Day School
Cincinnati, Ohio

Matthew Casanas

Im looking forward to meeting new, cool people

Henry M. Gunn High School
Palo Alto, California

Tina Siegel

Excited to study on SCU's beautiful campus

Central Catholic High School
Turlock, California

Mila Rawlins

I’m looking forward to having fun & meeting new people

Pioneer High School
Woodland, California

Lauren Bryson

Enjoys:  Traveling with friends & exploring the outdoors

Foothill High School
Pleasanton, California

Jasmin Krishna

Fun Fact:  I’m on the women’s golf team

Mira Costa High School
Redondo Beach, California

Francesca deWysocki

Enjoys:  Exploring new cities and trying new food

Lodi High School
Woodbridge, California

Caitlin Ahlbach

Fun Fact:  Played against the Chinese Taipei Olympic softball team

Lake Forest Academy
Vernon Hills, Illinois

AJ Lee

Fun Fact:  I am a crypto investor

Newbury Park High School
Newbury Park, California

Lauren Foster

Fun Fact:  I play 5 instruments

Trivium Preparatory Academy
Litchfield Park, Arizona

Danny Rosztoczy

I am looking forward to meeting new people

Lusher Charter School
New Orleans, Louisiana

Avery Pierson

Fun Fact:  I am a huge Taylor Swift fan

Regis Jesuit High School
Denver, Colorado

John Fredericks

Fun Fact:  Witnessed the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl in Levi Stadium

Loyola High School
Los Angeles, California

Tim Vonderahe

Excited to meet new people & explore the Bay Area.

Summit Public School: Denali
San Jose, California

Keith Dinh

Fun Fact:  I have a passion for the law and jurisprudence

Wilcox High School
Sunnyvale, California

Bryant Nguyen

Fun Fact:  I have been playing table tennis for 4 years

Amador Valley High School
Pleasanton, California

Cynthia Hong

Fun Fact:  I have two pet bunnies

Punahou School
Honolulu, Hawaii

Nicholas Mui

Enjoys:  Fantasy Football

University Liggett School
Shanghai, China

Tianyou Zhang

Fun Fact:  I play the electric guitar

Crean Lutheran High School
Irvine, California

Chloe Wong

Fun Fact:  I play the electric guitar

Mater Dei High School
Buena Park, California

Kaitlyn Staats

Excited to being around tons of new, amazing people

Hilo High School
Hilo, Hawaii

John Marrack

Fun Fact:  I'm a premier league fan

Dougherty Valley High School
San Ramon, California

Meenu Nachiappan

Fun Fact:  I have been a dancer for 16 years

Lake Oswego High School
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Malcolm Williams

Enjoys hiking and playing baseball

Madison High School
Madison, New Jersey

Charlotte Villano

Excited to be a part of the SCU community & make new friends

Lake Forest High School
Lake Forest, Illinois

John Morris

Enjoys plaing lacrosse & spending time with friends

Patterson High School
Patterson, California

Raechel Guevara

I am most looking forward to making new friends

Flintridge Prep, La Cañada Flintridge
South Pasadena, California

Gavin O'Leary

Enjoys watch sports, specifically NBA and NFL

Abraham Lincoln High School
San Francisco, California

Jasmine Bell

Fun Fact:  I'm the youngest of nine

Regis Jesuit High School
Denver, Colorado

Madeline Roper

Enjoys playing tennis

Evanston Township High School
Evanston, Illinois

Zoe Cvetas

Excited to explore a new state and meet new people

Arcadia High School
Arcadia, California

Jaydon Chan

Excited to meet new people & network

Millburn High School
Short Hills, New Jersey

Justin Nelson

Fun Fact:  I love to draw

Holy Family High School
Lafayette, Colorado

Blake Hammond

Fun Fact:  I play baseball and have two dogs

Sun Valley Community School
Sun Valley, Idaho

Noelle LaFleur

Excited to meet new people while getting an amazing education

Ponderosa High School
Parker, Colorado

Corey Lee

I’m excited to explore San Jose and the Bay Area

The Bishop's School
San Diego, California

Lucie Edwards

Fun fact: I'm a barre instructor

Union High School
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kyung Yeon Jang

Fun fact: I have seen the movie Thor Ragnarok at least 17 times

Folsom High School
Folsom, California

Joshua Nola

Excited to take classes I'm interested in

De La Salle High School
Walnut Creek, California

Laith Ghantous

Enjoys playing video games

Servite High School
Santa Ana, California

Adrian Machado

Fun Fact:  I climbed Mt. Whitney in my junior year of high school

Glendale Preparatory Academy
Phoenix, Arizona

Gavin Aikins

Enjoys playing and watching basketball

Medfield High School
Medfield Massachusetts

John Shelley

Excited to explore the area

Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep
San Francisco, California

Ciaran Trevino

Excited to take advantage of the incredible diversity at SCU

East Chapel Hill High School
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Patrick Apel

I am looking forward to meeting new people

Liberty High School
Seattle, Washington

Josh Chung

Excited to make connections & building relationships

Saratoga High School
Saratoga, California

Kaitlyn Yu

I'm super excited to meet new people

Fairview High School
Boulder, Colorado

Clayton Baldwin

Excited to be on campus at SCU

Santa Teresa High School
San Jose, California

Isabella Guerrero

Excited to connect with other students

Manthan School
Union City, California

Disha Garg

Excited to make connections & just having a good time

San Francisco High School of the Arts
San Francisco, California

Elva He

Fun Fact:  I am a classical Chinese dancer

Joel Barlow High School
Redding, Connecticut

Sophia Taylor

Fun Fact:  I'm fluent in Portuguese

West Linn High School
West Linn, Oregon

Alec Sloan

Excited to meet new people

Homer High School
Homer, Alaska

Aiyana Cline

Enjoys downhill skiing with friends

Park City High School
Park City, Utah

Katie McGuire

Fun fact:  I grew up in Ireland

Saint Ignatius College Preparatory
San Francisco, California

Mackenzie Lozada

Excited to meet other women in the business school 

De La Salle High School
Concord, California

Edgar Sandoval

Enjoys cars and mountain biking

Silver Creek High School
San Jose, California

Hana Dang

Enjoys sleeping

Mater Dei High School Buena Park, California

Meg Jillian “MJ” Salanga

Fun Fact:  I’m a musician, and I love to perform & record

Academy of Our Lady of Peace San Diego, California

Carla Alvarez

Excited to meet new people & create new memories

Plano West Senior High School Plano, Texas

Shray Rao

Fun Fact:  I have both a cat and a dog

St. Louis Priory School St. Louis, Missouri

Michael Freitag

Fun Fact: I design custom t-shirts and sneakers

Gunderson High School San Jose, California

Yash Sharma

Excited to build connections & learn more about myself

Presentation High School San Jose, California

Caitlin Gorin

Fun Fact:  I once sat in the pilot's seat of a 737

Redwood High School Tiburon, California

Bruce Bowler

Fun Fact:  I am both Brazilian and Japanese

Northridge Prep Chicago, Illinois

Andrew Brockmeier

Excited to meet new friends from all around the world

Prospect High School San Jose, California

Komi Sugimoto

Excited to work with other aspiring business leaders in the LSB community