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Contributions to Society

A 1915 Take on Engineers’ Contribution to Society

“We all come into contact with and partake of the benefits of this unlimited science every day of our lives… We arise in steam-heated rooms, and eat meals prepared on the latest gas or electric stoves; we are carried to work in an electric or steam car, while we read a machine-edited paper. In commerce, we enjoy the use of the telephone, wireless-telegraph and cable, elevators, electric lights, automobiles, and other comforts.” I. Alvin Oliver, Engineering Editor of The Redwood, 1915

Immanuel Oliver '16 taught shop work, mechanical drawing and steam engines during his senior year and the year following his graduation, after which he went on to work as Plant Engineer for the Bean Spray Pump Company, later Food Machinery Corporation and then FMC Corporation, in San Jose. He later sold a patent to the Pomona Pump Company where he served as Chief Engineer.

Engineering pattern shop circa 1914. Photo from SCU Archives.