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Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers

After School Academic Program:
Inspiring the next generation of engineers

When SCU undergraduate engineering students work with the energetic elementary school students enrolled in Third Street Community Center’s ASAP (After School Academic Program), sometimes marshmallows fly. Or gliders soar. Or ping-pong balls speed down a homemade zipline. All in the name of learning. 

ASAP designates February as Engineering Month for their twice weekly afterschool science sessions, and each year, they count on more than three dozen Broncos representing SCU’s on-campus chapters of national engineering organizations to bring engaging, hands-on projects to share with the eager youngsters. The program winds up being part community service, part community fun.

A lecture on the properties of materials would likely put a typical third-grader to sleep. But a gloppy bucket of homemade goop coats learning with fun. Sharing the fun of engineering is what it’s all about for this generation of student role models who are inspiring the next wave of engineers.