Engineering News Winter 2015

Bioengineers Branch Out

Enriching students' educational experiences through activities outside the classroom is a core value of the bioengineering program at Santa Clara. Here, four bioengineering students comment on their experiences at the 2014 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

Sabrina Cismas

"I had the opportunity to learn about the diversity of the bioengineering field by browsing through topics not often encountered in classes and those of cutting-edge research that are not yet mature enough for general applications. Through this conference I was not only able to learn more about topics that fascinate me such as organ 3D printing, cardiovascular tissue engineering, and scaffolds/3D printed biomaterials, but also gain inspiration for my research by discovering how other people are applying the materials I work with and the discoveries they’ve made in similar contexts."

Nicholas Domek

"I was at first a bit overwhelmed by the scale of the conference and the amount of research being presented, but it challenged me to learn and experience what the modern bioengineering field looks like. Attending the oral research presentations, I was able to pick out topics that interested me, including modern medical devices, microfluidic platforms, bioMEMS technology, and tissue engineering. I felt empowered being surrounded by some of the greatest minds in the field, and it gave me a sense that the biomedical engineering field is one of the most important growing fields, and I’m glad to be a part of it."

Nicholas Parker

"This was the first bioengineering conference I have attended. I work in Dr. [Zhiwen (Jonathan)] Zhang's lab here at SCU, and I really had nothing to put my research in perspective with regarding other projects and schools until this conference. I attended as many presentations as I could each day, and I found how my research fit in as well as how to create and deliver an effective presentation. This conference really helped me understand the field of bioengineering as well. I learned how academic it is, even for professionals. Many of the industry bioengineers still write and read academic papers."

Amanda Khoo

"As a junior, it can be easy to get bogged down by the multitude of classes and requirements one must take, and it has always been a necessity to look forward into the future and remind myself why I love bioengineering. At the conference, scientists from around the world were invited to speak on topics ranging from new cellular pathways, to improved technologies for 3D printing, to impact of high school football on teenagers’ brains. The innovation, passion, and scientific prowess I saw in these presentations inspired and reminded me that our time at Santa Clara is not an end-all, but rather a beginning. It is the beginning of a career. It is a beginning of a lifetime of service. It is the beginning of our time to impact the world for the better in the best way we know how."

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