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Maker of the Months

Arsenic Detection System

Arsenic Detection System

October 2014 Maker of the Month Winner

Jessica VanderGiessen, Ben Demaree, Allie Sibole, Lillian Tatka
Along with Jasper Tan, Brandon Young, Gregory Cusack
Arsenic Detection System
Laser Cutter

The laser cutter has been used consistently throughout the arsenic detection project. Initially, the laser cutter was used to cut defined electrode patterns onto paper substrate to be used as stencils for applying the conductive ink. In spring of 2013, a major milestone was achieved be developing a fully enclosed disposable device. This device included several plastic layers with defined holes and chambers, all of which were laser cut in the Maker Lab. The disposable electrodes were also laser cut in order to produce uniform shapes and orientations. The laser cutter has been essential to our production of the enclosed devices and has greatly increased the consistency of our technology device to device.