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Center Launches Technology Ethics Program

New Technology Ethics Director Brian Green

New Technology Ethics Director Brian Green

Focus will be on AI, biotech, cybersecurity, and more

The Ethics Center is pleased to announce the launch of Technology Ethics as its newest program area. Headed by Brian Green, a longtime member of the Center staff who also teaches engineering ethics at SCU, the program will address ethical issues arising from artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, information technology, biotechnology, slowing the aging process, the relationship of technology and religion, and other emerging fields. Central to the program is the Center’s membership in the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society, and its collaboration with The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California. The Center’s website also includes a wealth of material on technology ethics including case studies, articles, videos, and teaching modules.

“As long as there is technological progress,” Green says, “technology ethics is not going to go away; in fact, questions surrounding technology and ethics will only grow in importance. As we travel this path into the future together, we will choose the kind of future we create. Given our growing technological power, we need to put increasing attention towards ethics if we want to live in a better future.” 

This new Technology Ethics program is made possible through generous investments from Charmaine and Dan Warmenhoven; Roger V. Smith; and the Ethics Center's Opportunity Fund

Feb 27, 2018

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