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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism Ethics

Participants at the Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism discuss ethical challenges for online media. (Photo by Fabrice Florin under a Creative Commons License.)

News executives, entrepreneurs, and technology and digital media leaders come to the Digital Journalism Roundtable to share ideas, network, and brainstorm solutions to some of journalism’s most pressing problems.

Our meetings focus on:

  • cultivating informed democratic debate
  • enhancing and signaling trustworthiness
  • supporting news literacy and inclusion in the public square
  • maintaining news judgment in an era of metrics and new business pressures
  • addressing privacy, independence, and accountability

We convene in person and online, and are expanding this dynamic conversation through social media, small group meet-ups, panels, and the Roundtable itself.

Subramaniam Vincent

Director, Journalism and Media Ethics

Subramaniam Vincent