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Love, With Intention

By Justin Clardy
What does it mean to experience love outside the traditional two-person romantic model? Black, queer philosopher Justin Clardy explains the transformative power “non-monogamy” can have on everyday life.
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For Earth Week, A Close Reading of Two Papal Paragraphs

By John Farnsworth
It's time to realize that we’re members of a multi-species family for whom we should feel a humble, affectionate, and sacred respect.
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Can You Be a Catholic and a Feminist?

By Julie Rubio
Jesuit School of Theology associate dean explores the increasing tensions between progressive Catholic women and their Church
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Vietnam’s Rise As U.S. Tech Ally

By Long Le
Successful partnership requires high-wire balancing act with U.S. and China
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SCU Thought Leaders' Predictions For 2024

By Illuminate Staff
The promise of another new year arrives with the question: Will the future—at least the next 12 months—take care of itself? SCU Thought Leaders offer some predictions.
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The Courthouse of Mouse: How the Public Domain Benefits Art

By Tyler Ochoa
As Disney’s 1928 film “Steamboat Willie” enters the public domain, Professor Tyler Ochoa breaks down the ins and outs of this complex legal process.
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The Power of Native American Narratives

By Michelle Burnham
More stories by and about Indigenous people are being told authentically through a variety of mediums.
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Deep Behavioral Lessons From The Saga Of Sam Bankman-Fried

By Hersh Shefrin
The focus on fraud in the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried has overshadowed many important psychological issues about cryptocurrency markets and financial management.
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