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Core Curriculum



Facilitators: Luis Calero, S.J., Ignatian Center and Anthropology and Jennifer Ferrari, Assistant Director, Arts & Sciences, Career Center 

What am I good at? What do I love to do? What should I do with my life? The Vocation Pathway will help you answer these questions. Exploring these questions from diverse perspectives, you will develop your own sense of vocation, pursuing a meaningful life, not merely a livelihood. You will reflect on your life to discover your gifts your talents and strengths and discern your deepest values to live with greater joy, integrity, and balance. Considering the worlds most pressing needs, you will discover your own path of contribution, developing the clarity, courage, and conviction to make a positive difference in the world.

Associated Courses

ANTH         158         Applied Anthropology (effective 9/1/09)
ANTH         159         Globalization & Culture Change (effective 9/1/09)

Arts & Sciences
ASCI          140         Let Your Life Speak (cross-listed with BIOL 140 and CHEM 40; effective 9/1/09)

BIOL          140         Let Your Life Speak: Science (cross-listed with ASCI 140 and CHEM 40; effective 9/1/09)

Business Administration
BUSN         144         Entrepreneurship: Bringing New Ideas to the Marketplace (effective 9/1/09)

CHEM         40           Let Your Life Speak: Science (cross-listed with ASCI 140 and BIOL 140; effective 9/1/09)

COMM        115V        Vocation & Gender:Seeking Meaning in Work and Life (cross-listed with ECON 164; effective 9/1/09)
*COMM      116G        Global Interpersonal Communication (effective 9/1/09)

*ECON       164          Vocation and Gender: Seeking Meaning in Work and Life (cross-listed with COMM 115V; effective 9/1/09)

ENGL         72            Poetry Writing (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL         73            Life Writing (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL         128          Writing & Research in Literary and Cultural Studies (effective 6/15/22)
ENGL         162          Literature and Religion (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL         172          Advanced Poetry Writing (effective 9/1/09)
*ENGL       175          Advanced Creative Nonfiction (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL         176          Creative Writing & Social Justice (effective 9/1/09)

Environmental Studies & Sciences
ENVS         22            Introduction to Environmental Studies (effective 3/25/20)
ENVS         79            Environmental Thought (effective 3/25/20)
ENVS         128          Sustainable Urban Planning (effective 3/25/20)
ENVS         143          Literature of Environmental Hope (effective 3/25/20)

Experiential Learning for Social Justice
ELSJ          23           Careers for the Common Good (two units; if this course is used towards the pathway, additional courses may be needed to reach the 12 or 16 unit minimum; effective 9/1/09)
*ELSJ        135          Research in Social Entrepreneurship (effective 9/1/09)

LEAD         18             Where Do I Go From Here? Advancing Vocation (effective 9/1/09)
LEAD         19             Exploring Vocations in Law (effective 04/24/17)
LEAD         22             Exploring Graduate School (effective 04/24/17)  
LEAD         100AW      Advanced Difficult Dialogues Seminar (effective 9/1/09)

*MGMT      164           Entrepreneurship Management for Technology Ventures (effective 9/1/09)
*MGMT      175           Flourishing at Work (effective 3/25/23)    

Modern Languages and Literatures
FREN         182           Women in French Literature: Authors and Characters (cross-listed with WGST 176; effective 9/1/09)

PHIL          112           Ethics, Authenticity, Freedom and Vocation (effective 9/1/09; formerly PHIL 116)

*PSYC       114            Ethics in Psychology (effective 3/25/20)

Religious Studies
*RSOC       86            Buddhism (effective 9/1/09)
*RSOC       106          Zen in Theory and Practice (effective 9/1/09)
*RSOC       108          Buddhist Spiritual Practices Today (effective 9/1/09
*TESP        54            Meditation (effective 12/21/2015)
*TESP        71            Mysticism in Catholicism (effective 9/1/09)
*TESP        72            Comparative Mysticism in World Religions
*TESP        118          Clare of Assisi and Ignatius of Loyola (effective 9/1/09)
*TESP        132          Telling Your Story: Discerning Vocation (effective 9/1/09)
*TESP        171          Mysticism in Action (effective 2/3/2016)
*TESP        176          Nature, Humanity, Spirituality (effective 9/1/09)
*TESP        181          Christian Sexual Ethics (effective 2/3/16)
*TESP        183          Ignatian Spirituality (effective 1/1/21)
*TESP        185          Karl Rahner: An Exploration of Mystery (effective 9/1/23)

SOCI          122          Applied Capstone (formerly 170; effective 9/1/09)

Theatre and Dance
DANC          189          Social Justice and the Arts (effective 9/1/09)
THTR           9             Defining the Performing Artist (effective 9/1/09)
THTR           66            Peoples Theatre (effective 9/1/09)

Women's and Gender Studies
WGST          160          Vocation & Gender:Seeking Meaning in Work and Life (cross-listed with COMM 101A; effective 3/9/2012)
WGST          176          Women in French Literature: Authors and Characters (cross-listed with FREN 182; effective 3/5/2010)

Undergraduate Studies
UGST           101          Fellowship and Grad School Preparation (effective 1/1/20)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites