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Technology at SCU

Google Apps - Apple iOS

These instructions will show you how to setup Google Apps on your Apple iOS device.


If you are using the campus wireless network, be sure you're authenticated first. You can verify this by visiting off-campus websites with your mobile device's internet browser. Here are the instructions for connecting to the wireless network, if needed.



These instructions will show you how to setup your Apple iOS device with your Santa Clara University Google Apps account.

Please note the images below are from Apple iOS 9.0 Your Apple iOS device may appear different, depending on your iOS version.

1.  Go to Settings on your mobile device.

2.  Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3.  Select Add Account.

4.  Select Google.

5.  In the Email field, enter your Santa Clara University email address - including the part - and tap Next.

6.  You will be redirected to Santa Clara's Single Sign-on portal to complete authentication. Enter your SCU Username and password, and tap Login.

7.  Verify your synchronization settings and tap Save.

Your email should synchronize almost immediately, but it may take a few minutes for your calendar and contacts to synchronize (depending on the number of items in each).