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SafeDoc is an application that allows you to create web forms that collect secure document uploads from users. It is an alternate way to get files into SecureFT, for cases such as:

  • Requesting multiple files from users
  • Requesting files from a large number of users, and performing tasks such as sending email reminders to those who have not submitted files
  • Adding an open ended form on your website to allow users to submit documents at any time
  • Adding an email signature in GMail with a link to a form and instructions not to send you secure documents as attachments (which is not secure)

Or any combination of these. You can restrict access to your SafeDoc upload forms only to authenticated SCU users, or even specific SCU users. Or you can restrict access using a password, or email invitation.

The following training videos are available to help you get started using SafeDoc:

If you have any questions or would like assistance setting up a form, please submit a support ticket.