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Technology at SCU

Edit recordings in Camino Class Recordings tab (Panopto)

If you need instructions on uploading video files to Camino’s Class Recordings tab, please follow these instruction on how to Upload Zoom Recordings To Camino Course Site.

Selecting the video file and open the editor

Locate the video you would like to edit on your Camino course page.  

Hover over the video to reveal the Edit button > Click Edit to start editing the video.

hover to select settings icon

If you are the Teacher of the Camino course site but do not see the video Edit button, please contact Media Services at


The Video editor has two main areas: Video Preview and Timeline.

Video Preview

In the Video Preview you will see the progress of the current video you are editing.

In Timeline you will see the camera/computer feed and audio track.

Timeline view


Trim the Video

To trim the video, make sure the Cut tool is selected.

Cut tool

To edit out the start of the video, play the video and then pause it at the location where you would like the video begin.  There will be a red line indicating where you paused the video

Edit video start

Use the mouse to select the beginning of the video and drag the edit handle (black line) to the desired start time (red line).  The grey area will be edited out of the video.

Edit handle Trim a section End video trim

To trim a section from the middle of the video, position the cursor over the point you would like to start the cut, click and drag to the right and then let go at the point you want the cut to finish.

Trim a video section

If you want to be more precise,you can zoom in and out the Timeline by moving the Magnifying Glass Slider left (zoom out) or right (zoom in)

Magnifying glass

You can create as many cuts as you need.  

Video cuts animation

You can connect multiple cuts by click and drag an area that covers multiple cuts.

Multiple cuts animation

You can remove cuts by minimizing the cut to 0 secs.

Remove cuts


Create multiple videos from one recording

The video editor does not have the feature to cut one recording into multiple separate videos, however, there’s a work-around:

Locate the video you would like to edit on your Camino course page.  

Hover over the video to reveal the Settings button > Click Settings button.

Edit video settings

Click the Manage tab on the left side of the pop-up window, scroll down to Copy session, click Copy to create a duplicate of the desired video.

Manage video

Click OK when prompted to confirm copying a session.

Confirm copying a session

Close the pop-up window and you should now see there are 2 of the same video.

Duplicated videos

You can repeat this step as many times as you need and trim each video copy to create individual videos.

For other setting changes and advanced features please contact Media Services to schedule a One on One Training.