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Technology at SCU

Scheduling Zoom from within Google Calendar

Download and Setup Browser Extension

    1. Install the Zoom Extension for Browsers (available for Chrome and Firefox):

    2. Shut down and relaunch your browser. You will now see the blue Zoom icon located in the upper right corner of the browser window.
      zoom calendar extension-zoom
      If you do not see the Zoom icon, check the Extension icon zoom calendar extension-extension> Zoom Schedulerzoom calendar extension-zoom
      zoom calendar extension-001
    3.  Click "Sign In to Zoom" 
      zoom calendar extension-002
    4. Click the Google icon and sign in using your SCU credential.
      zoom calendar extension 003

Enable Zoom Schedule Options

Zoom Scheduler has the option to show schedule options for each Zoom meeting you schedule within Calendar.

  1. Click on the Zoom icon zoom calendar extension-zoomin the upper righthand corner of your Chrome window.
  2. Click on the gear in the upper righthand corner of the Zoom Scheduler box to access settings.
    zoom calendar extension 004
  3. Zoom Schedule Options will open in a new tab. Set your default options here and scroll down and select "Allow me to specify meeting options each time"
    zoom calendar extension 005
  4. Next time you schedule a Zoom meeting in Google Calendar, you will see the "Make it a Zoom Meeting" option.  Click this icon will take you to the Schedule options pop up.  You will have a chance to review meeting settings.
    zoom calendar extension 007