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Technology at SCU

Upload Zoom Recordings to Panopto Personal Folder

Logging in to Panopto

Log in to MySCU Portal at


Click the Panopto tile to log in to Panopto.


Accessing Panopto folders

Once you are logged into Panopto, you should see the My Folder tab in the left menu section.  Click the tab to open your personal folder.  This folder can be used to store all your files before you decide where the files will move to and who you will share it with.  Your Zoom cloud recordings are stored in your Meeting Recordings folder within your My Folder.

navigate to My Folder and Meeting Recordings in Panopto 

Click the Browse tab will reveal all other folders that you have permission to upload or download videos.


How to control access to your Panopto videos

You can control who can view each video you own.

To modify a video's share settings, hover over the video to reveal the recording setting buttons.  click the Share button.


To determine who should have access to your file, we recommend selecting on of these three settings:

  • Specific people 
    only specific viewer you added to the list below will be able to view your file
  • Anyone at your organization with the link
    video will be unlisted and not searchable; but viewer with scu affiliated status given this link will be able to open and view the content.
  • Anyone with the link
    video will be unlisted and not searchable; but any viewer given this link will be able to open and view the content.

If you select share with Specific people, you can then enter the persons email address in the Invite people field and they will receive a link to the recording.


Rename uploaded file on Panopto

Hover over the file to reveal the recording setting buttons.

Click on the Settings button.

Rename the uploaded file


Click Edit next to change the file name.  Click Save when done.

Save renamed file



Your recordings will be available in the Zoom web portal under Recordings

Visit and sign in with your SCU credential.

Accessing files recorded to the cloud


Select desired recording session, click More button > Download files.  This will download all versions of your meeting recording.


You can also click on the Meeting Topic and select only the files you want to download.  Depending on the features used during the meeting you may have anywhere from 2 to to 10 files.

Hover over the desired video to reveal the action buttons.  Click on the  button to download the video.

(You can click on each title to view the video to make sure that is the version you want, before downloading it.)

The video will download to your default download folder on the computer.

Click the folder you wish to upload videos to.

Click the Create button and then select Upload media.

Create - Select upload media

Click on the grey upload box and select the desired file to upload.

You can select and upload multiple files at a time.

Please leave the window open while the file is being uploaded.  Closing the window will stop the file upload process.  A Stop button is shown during the upload.  You are free to close the window once the Stop button disappears.

File is being uploaded

Please Note:
It can take between 5 minutes to 1 hour for the video upload to complete, this is dependent on the length of the video and your internet speed.

It can take 10 minutes - 2 hours for the server to process the video so it is viewable. This is dependent on the length of the video


For training on advanced features and troubleshooting, please contact Media Services. You can also schedule a One-on-One Training for the Zoom video conferencing client or Panopto video server.