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Impact on Students

In regards to personal impact 99% of the students who have taken the course rank it in the Top 5 they’ve experienced at SCU.  Nearly 60% indicate it had the most impact of any course they’d taken at SCU.


Class of 2021
Anne Marie Heywood

"Conscientious Capitalism allowed me to use my strength and confidence to be my most vulnerable and authentic self. Now, I know I am a powerful person."




Class of 2021
Grady Olson

"Conscientious Capitalism was my favorite course at SCU! It helped me to make sense of myself and the person I strive to be, provided direction for my future aspirations, and taught me valuable leadership skills in my own individual context. I would recommend the course to anyone."




Class of 2021
Ryan Calbert

"Conscientious Capitalism gave me a space for discernment around my career and daily life which I can say was vital to the whole of my undergraduate experience. I would recommend this course to those driven to bring forth the best of themselves to their careers and beyond."



Class of 2020
Maikal Yamauchi

Conscientious Capitalism pushed me to discover and understand my true motivations and goals. In an incredibly hectic time, it allowed me to slow down, reflect and create a framework that I could rely on to make crucial decisions as I entered the workforce and the next stage of my life. Of all the classes I took at Santa Clara, this one truly helped prepare me for life after graduation.

Class of 2020
Issabelle Hayden

"ConCap equipped me with the tools, mindset, and connections that I didn’t realize I was missing. It eased my transition from college to career, and I made some great friends along the way!"



Class of 2019
Phillip Barber

"I was looking for an experience that would force me to think about how my life and career would have meaning. I found this in Conscientious Capitalism. The tools, practices, mentors, connections and clarity I gained from ConCap are a part of my life today and are a foundation of my career/personal development."

Class of 2019
Eoin Lyon

"Conscientious Capitalism uniquely challenged me to reflect on my own life path and to engage with global leaders within my interdisciplinary cohort. The course structure and environment inspire both professional and personal growth, and the instructors are enthusiastic, passionate, and attentive to student needs. Since taking the course in 2018, my life has profoundly changed as I pursue my goals with more conviction, clarity, and confidence." 

Class of 2021
Margaux Blazer

“Conscientious Capitalism is more than a class; it’s a journey. Through the Leadership Development Team process, I feel like for the first time in my academic career I have been able to prioritize and work on my personal goals, which in turn has helped me to realize the kind of leader I want to become.”