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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University
Department ofAccounting

A&IS Major Courses

Accounting & Information Systems Major

The Bachelor of Science in commerce with a major in accounting and information systems (A&IS) requires a minimum of 175 quarter-units of credit (of which at least 60 must be in upper-division courses). Students must attain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 for all courses completed at Santa Clara University and for all courses in the accounting major.  Effective September 2023, the A&IS major has a STEM designation.


All students wishing to major in A&IS must complete both the University core curriculum requirements and the Leavey School of Business core requirements, which include ACTG 11 (Introduction to Financial Accounting) and ACTG 12 (Introduction to Managerial Accounting). We recommend that students complete these two courses by the end of their sophomore year.

In addition, students majoring in A&IS must complete eleven required accounting and OMIS courses and one elective upper division OMIS course (total of twelve courses):  


Accounting & Information Systems Majors

Course Units Description
ACTG 120 5 Units            Accounting Data Analysis and Visualization  
ACTG 130 5 Units Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACTG 131 5 Units Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACTG 132 5 Units Advanced Financial Accounting
ACTG 135 5 Units Auditing
ACTG 136 5 Units Cost Accounting
ACTG 138 5 Units Tax Planning and Business Decisions
OMIS 30  4 Units Introduction to Programming 
OMIS 105 5 Units Database Management Systems
OMIS 106 5 Units Systems Analysis and Design
OMIS 150 (ACTG 155) 5 Units Financial Information Systems
One Course From 5 Units OMIS 107, 111, 113, 114, 120, 135, or 137

Note: Accounting and information systems majors may use OMIS 30 to satisfy the information systems requirement in the Leavey School of Business curriculum. ACTG 155 and OMIS 150 are cross-listed (managed by the ISA department). We recommend registering for ACTG 155 instead of OMIS 150 to be eligible to become a licensed CPA.

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