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Accounting Professor of the Year 2023

This year, SCUAA is pleased to present the Accounting Professor of the Year award to Professor Si Li, Ph.D., ACUE.

The SCUAA is pleased to present the 2023 Accounting Professor of the Year award to back-to-back champion, Dr. Siqi Li. This award is voted annually by graduating seniors in the Accounting Association. Dr. Li has worked for the Accounting Department at Santa Clara since 2008, after earning her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, and has grown to be a favorite of many seniors when it comes to accounting professors. Dr. Li currently serves as the Accounting Department Chair and teaches ACTG 136 – cost accounting. 

Under her instruction, Dr. Li’s students learned far more than just the textbook in her classroom. Through her interactive teaching style and accompanying case studies, students were challenged to think beyond classroom examples and how these concepts would apply in the real world. From explaining concepts in a clear and concise way, to offering more than enough support to answer questions outside the classroom, Dr. Li truly wants all her students to flourish. Her passion for cost accounting certainly does not go unnoticed and her way of effectively teaching the material always kept her students engaged and eager to learn. By fostering a mutual level of respect in the classroom and taking pride in remembering all her students’ names, she undoubtedly deserves the Accounting Professor of the Year award again.  

Congratulations, Dr. Li!

(Written by Bethany Candler, Accounting, Class of 2023, SCUAA President)