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Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

The Accounting Department hosted its annual dinner for graduating accounting and A&IS majors on the last day of classes, Friday, June 9, 2023. Congratulations to our Accounting and Accounting and Information Systems graduates!

2023 ACTG A&IS Graduates

The Accounting Department hosted its annual dinner for graduating Accounting and A&IS majors on the last day of classes, Friday, June 9, 2023. 

Faculty attending 2023 Senior Dinner

About 45 students and faculty gathered to celebrate the accounting and A&IS class of 2023 at the Santa Clara Women’s Club Adobe building from 5:00-7:00pm.  Graduating seniors and SCU Accounting Association officers enjoyed a Mediterranean-style buffet dinner with professors Siqi Li, Matthew Cedergren, Kevin Li, Jane Ou, and Stacey Ritter, and Young Alumni board member Tiffany Wibowo (class of ’16 and Portfolio Manager at Blackrock). 

2023 Senior Dinner SCUAA cords

Dr. Cedergren presented green cords to the graduating SCUAA officers Bethany Candler, Andrew Amerio, Isabelle He, Melanie Cooper, and Bryce Otsuka for their two years of service to the undergraduate accounting community while Dr. Li shared her inspiration and guidance with graduating seniors, including an excerpt from Oh, the Places You’ll Go written by Dr. Seuss. The Accounting Department gifted seniors the traditional green visor to wear at graduation as well as a commemorative accounting glass.

2023 senior dinner student table
2023 Senior Dinner table with Siqi

Congratulations to the following students that graduated from our program:

Accounting Majors

Andrew Amerio, William Bartenhagen, Dominick Brandt, John Brunello, Bethany Candler, Ellen Cao, Mihir Carey Sood, Mark Carnesecca, Austin Chen, Melanie Cooper, Yomaira Cruz Cristobal, Stuart Deming, Garrett Ellenburg, Jake Engelken, Katherine Erickson, Abigail Fleming, Ivan Fong, Nicholas Fontana, Tyler Green, Stuart Guse, Zahra Hassen, Daniel Hawthorne, Megan Higa, Bryant Hoke, Michelle Houts, Jea Whang Jeong, Madison Jones, Jessica Lee, Shirui Lin, Gavin Malone, Gavin Miller, Kavya Mulakaluri, Nisha Mullaney, Matthew Muscat, Jacqueline Ng, Katherine O'Brien, Elizabeth O'Neil, Bryce Otsuka, Jerrick Pahati, Samuel Palmer, Elizabeth Penn, Caroline Pierret, Hudson Price, Khoi Quach, Brianna Robison, Patrick Rocap, Amanda Schlatter, Sasha Shirai, Alejandra Siqueiros, Jacqueline Stenberg, Spencer Stevens, Connor Westmorland, Alex Yagobi, Jin Woo Yoo

A&IS Graduates

Tierra-Lynn Chargualaf, Kamari Cheatham, Steve Chen, Bryan Hafezi, Isabelle He, Justin Lau, Therese Maligranda, Peter Mazzetti, Aditya Nagaraj, Anthony Nguyen, Kendall Orth, Olivia Owens, Mitchell Taam