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Faculty Research Workshops (2020-2021)

The Accounting Department continues to host research workshops as part of our commitment to support faculty research. We invite nationally and internationally recognized scholars to present their research works at Santa Clara University. These workshops provide opportunities for SCU faculty to interact with leading-edge scholars in the field and to present their own early-stage research to solicit valuable feedback. Below is the list of research workshops during 2020-2021.

DateWorkshop Topic

Meng Li - University of Texas-Dallas

The Information Asymmetry between Top Management and Rank-and-File Employees: Determinants and Consequences


Spencer Young - Arizona State University

Are Financial Statements More Comparable When GAAP Restricts Managers’ Discretion?


Stacey Ritter - University of Southern California

Insider Editing on Wikipedia


Stella Park - University of Pennsylvania

Complex Disclosures and Investor Disagreement at Earnings Announcements


Kevin Smith - Stanford University

Measuring risk information


Estelle Sun - Boston University

Do Firms Experiencing More Wildfires Disclose More Wildfire Information in Their 10-Ks?


Seil Kim - CUNY Baruch

Does Fair Value Accounting for Equity Securities Improve Financial Reporting?


Brandon Gipper - Stanford University

Executive Pay Transparency and Relative Performance Evaluation: Evidence from the 2006 Pay Disclosure Reforms