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Department ofManagement & Entrepreneurship

About Our Fellows

About Our Fellows


Our MAS BEHR fellows collaborate to form a dynamic group united through their shared passion for business ethics.

Michael Santoro

Founder, MAS BEHR

Michael Santoro is a Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University. With the growing relevance of human rights, Professor Santoro decided to implement an undergraduate level business ethics lab at SCU. He seeks to fully implement human rights into SCU business curriculum through curating a lab that encourages students to prioritize human rights in business decisions. Inviting a select group of his best students, Professor Santoro started MSBEHR in winter of 2020.

With a long history of work in the Business and Human Rights field, Professor Santoro is a founding Co-Editor of the Business and Human Rights Journal and founding President of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association. One of his books includes A China Business Primer: Ethics, Culture, and Relationships, out April 28.

Brooke Eldridge
Managing Director
Brooke Eldridge

Brooke Eldridge is a sophomore from Kansas City, Missouri studying Marketing alongside Retail Studies and Studio Art at Santa Clara University.  She ultimately strives to work in branding or advertising within the retail space. However, she also recognizes the retail industry’s history with human rights violations and unsustainable practices which she seeks to alleviate throughout her career. 

The Business Ethics and Human Rights space resonates with Brooke because of her strong ambition to explore businesses’ social impact in communities spanning globally. The MAS BEHR has allowed her to funnel her passion for ethics into corporate responsibility. Having an ethics-based business community has inspired her to investigate how human rights concerns interact with her fields of study.


Current Team

Shivani Kharbanda '23



Patrick Burke '22


Patrick Burke is a class of 2022 student from Los Altos, California studying finance. Patrick aspires to have a career in venture capital and private equity in Silicon Valley. He wants to assist in making decisions on investments in start-ups and technology companies. He recognizes that it will be important that I am proficient at understanding the ethical ramifications of an investment in order to invest in the right companies.

Patrick knows that the most ethical business decisions are not always the most profitable. However, he thinks that using business ethics within the venture capital field could help firms to start investing in companies that are going to benefit society. He also argues that investors can help new companies create and implement ethical standards that will assist the company with corporate responsibility and ultimately greater success. Patrick appreciates that working with the MAS BEHR lab has also allowed him to evaluate investments through a Jesuit ethical framework that upholds social justice and human rights.


Annabelle North '24


Annabelle North is a class of 2024 student in the Leavey School of Business from San Carlos, California. Annabelle strives to advance the teams she works for through contributing to the growth of her organizations while also prioritizing the causes she supports. Regardless of the industry she ends up working in, she hopes to elevate ethical causes throughout her professional career. 

What interests Annabelle in business ethics is the dynamic nature of the conversations within the BHR community. She recognizes that business ethics and human rights is integral to every aspect of business and believes that corporate responsibility should be an endless journey: there are always more opportunities to make business more ethical. 

Aaliyah Brown '24


Aaliyah Brown is a class of 2024 student from San Jose, California studying Information Systems and Retail Studies. Growing up involved with a family filled with business owners and entrepreneurs, she saw firsthand the problem solving involved in sustaining your own business. Brown aspires to work in the creative industry for strategic management of projects that focus on ethics and sustainability.

Aaliyah’s interest in MAS BEHR Lab began with her drive for improving system processes, finding solutions, and working collaboratively. This, in addition to taking Professor Santoro’s Business Ethics class, ignited her passion for solving corporate governance issues that affect human lives. Brown realizes that many human rights issues are intersectional and are greatly influenced by how businesses navigate ethics. 

Tessa Meyn '24

Tessa Meyn is a class of 2024 student from Los Altos, California studying finance and classical studies. While her main interests academically include mainly finance centered work, she has a genuine passion for ethical business practices. 

Tessa is interested in how ethical standards differ across the globe. Differing ethical standards pose pivotal corporate governance conversations for both international and local business leaders. Tessa intends to explore these conversations throughout her research with the lab.


BEHR Lab Alumni

Justin Armanino '23


Justin Armanino is a sophomore from Danville, California studying Finance. Deeply interested in business operations and wealth management, he plans to become a consultant or certified advisor. Beyond solely career-based aspirations, he hopes to engage with his community through his future path and strives to give back in a meaningful way. 

Justin first learned about the Business Ethics and Human Rights community through one of Professor Santoro’s business ethics courses at SCU. The case study-based class interested him and inspired him to learn more about the foundations of business ethics. With the MSBEHR Lab, Justin has really enjoyed the opportunity to apply his dual interest in finance and ethics to current events through his different assignments with the lab so far.

Caroline Glaser '23


Caroline Glaser is a sophomore from Portland, Oregon studying Finance. While her main interests academically include mainly finance centered work, she has a genuine passion for ethical business practices.

After taking a business ethics class at the university, she came to realize how much business and human rights truly do intersect at every level of a business. Caroline is particularly excited about corporate responsibility. She ultimately strives to implement general, widely applied accountability standards for businesses globally. Within the MAS BEHR, Caroline is able to utilize both her practical and analytical perspectives to bring her unique perspective to the team.


Taylor Kim '22


Taylor Kim is a junior studying Business Management and Environmental Studies alongside Retail Studies. Combining her different passions into one career path, Taylor aspires to work for an outdoor retailer and increase general access and equity in outdoor recreation. She also intends to apply her passion for environmental and sustainability efforts into her career.

What interests Taylor in the Business Ethics and Human Rights space is the overall goal for her studies to be grounded in improving the world and making a positive impact. She understands that making businesses more ethical is extremely important in our globalized world, regardless of industries. Taylor has really appreciated that MSBEHR has allowed her to explore specific cases and issues to apply her ethical ambitions to, and she appreciates how the lab’s different perspectives combine to make a truly dynamic space.


Camille Spence '23


Camille Spence is a sophomore from Houston Texas majoring in Finance. Specifically motivated by sustainability within business practices, she strives to implement corporate responsibility to any career path that she ends up on. At the root of her ambitions, she recognizes that the most successful careers are impactful as well.

What interests Camille most about Business Ethics and Human rights is learning about the precise ways that businesses can both negatively and positively impact human rights.  As an undergraduate business student, she feels empowered by the opportunity MAS BEHR has given her to have a genuinely active role in the business ethics community. She hopes to increase awareness in the corporate world and encourage businesses to fully realize their ethical roles and responsibilities.