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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University
Department ofManagement & Entrepreneurship

Lab Development and Outreach

Brooke Eldridge
Brooke Eldridge on Lab Development and Outreach

As a sophomore marketing major also studying retail management and studio art, I strive to work in brand development as I begin my professional career. From copywriting, to design, to any form of presentations, my passion for storytelling takes a lot of forms. Translating my interests into working with Professor Santoro on the MSBEHR, we decided that I would concentrate on building the lab’s structure while also working to promote Professor Santoro’s current research. 

Though I also spent a bit of time on the Roots South Bay Case alongside Taylor, I have mainly focused on establishing the MSBEHR website and outlining social media strategies for the lab and Professor Santoro’s research. With Professor Santoro and the other fellows, I helped direct Twitter campaigns for each of the main research topics within the lab. Furthermore, I developed the lab’s website and structured research summaries.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the work I have done for the MSBEHR. As an undergraduate business student mainly still working through gen eds, I have a clear passion for business ethics and corporate responsibility but lack an in-class outlet to explore my interest.  Being the managing director has encouraged me to hone in on each of my interests in one setting. Working alongside Professor Santoro and the other fellows, I have also gotten the opportunity to work closely with current business and human rights issues. Furthermore, I’m constantly learning more about the rich community of professional academics across the globe that make up the business and human rights community.