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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University
MS in Information Systems

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MS in Information Systems

Elevate Your IT Management Expertise

From the companies that build the technology itself to organizations in disparate disciplines such as construction, education, and banking—the efficiency of business is dependent on information systems. Our Masters of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree teaches you how to apply cutting-edge information technology to solve important challenges in business, technology, and society. Accredited by the Association for Computing Machinery and Association for Information Systems, Leavey’s MS program gives you the skills you need be at the cutting edge of designing, building, and managing the systems infrastructure that enables business success.

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The Leavey Difference

Apple Park


With a beautiful 105-acre campus, Santa Clara University is located at the center of the most innovative region in the world, with over 7,000 companies and startups in Silicon Valley.

Leavey School of Business faculty engaging in lively discussions with a student


Leavey faculty are teaching scholars–often published in top-ranked journals and presenting at conferences all over the world. Learn more about our Information Systems faculty.

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Our curriculum blends team-based collaboration with cutting-edge business practices and hands-on projects, preparing students with skills to power dynamic 21st-century careers.

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Combining our core values rooted in the Jesuit tradition with the dynamic ethos of Silicon Valley, we educate ethical business leaders who will work to make our businesses, our community, and our world a better place.

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Tap into incredibly strong Leavey and Santa Clara University connections–25,000 and 100,000 alumni respectively. Explore Leavey's alumni network.

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Classes are offered in the evenings and weekends to fit your life and goals. Plus, a variety of electives allow you to customize any Leavey degree to your interests and timeline.

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MS in Information Systems Class Profile
Average GPA
Average Months of Work Experience


MS in Information Systems: 48 Academic Units* = 26 Core + 16 Elective + 6 Experiential

Our practical, hands-on curriculum is taught by stellar faculty and distinguished Bay Area practitioners. Classes meet 2-4 days a week in the evenings or on weekends.

Financial and Managerial Accounting+
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Database Management Systems - Fundamentals of SQL+
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Database Management Systems - Design, Development and Administration+
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Information Systems Strategy & Management+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Object-Oriented Software Design+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Information Systems Analysis & Design - Systems Modeling+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Software Project Management+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Data Analytics - Python+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Natural Language Processing+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Financial and Managerial Accounting
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Database Management Systems - Fundamentals of SQL
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Database Management Systems - Design, Development and Administration
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Information Systems Strategy & Management
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Object-Oriented Software Design
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Information Systems Analysis & Design - Systems Modeling
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Software Project Management
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Data Analytics - Python
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Natural Language Processing
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Big Data Modeling and Analytics+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Applied Cloud Computing+
2 Units, 5 Weeks
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Web Programming+
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Machine Learning w/ Finance+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Deep Learning+
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Cloud Computing Architectures+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Data Visualization+
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Generative AI for the Enterprise+
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Data Structures and Algorithms+
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Supply Chain Management+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Foundations of Cybersecurity+
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Big Data Modeling and Analytics
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Applied Cloud Computing
2 Units, 5 Weeks
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Web Programming
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Machine Learning w/ Finance
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Deep Learning
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Cloud Computing Architectures
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Data Visualization
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Generative AI for the Enterprise
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Data Structures and Algorithms
2 Units, 5 Weeks
Supply Chain Management
4 Units, 10 Weeks
Foundations of Cybersecurity
4 Units, 10 Weeks

For a full list of electives, please visit the Graduate Bulletin.

MS students at the Leavey School of Business are required to complete an experiential learning program requirement in the form of either a practicum or capstone project. Students are able to use real data and apply their classroom learnings to real problems. In addition, it offers a unique opportunity to connect directly to leading companies and potential employers.

Designed to be more flexible in terms of availability and also more accessible for our population of working students.
Completed under the supervision of a Leavey faculty advisor
Completed in team of 3-4 students
Completed in 1-2 quarters depending on program
Does not cause conflict of interest with employer
Designed to apply what you have learned in the classroom to solve a problem defined by our Silicon Valley industry partners.
Curated in conjunction with an industry partner located in Silicon Valley
Completed in team of 3-4 students
Spans two-quarters, 5-6 hours per week
Consult with employer on eligibility as it relates to the terms of your employment
Practicum Sponsor Examples
Companies who have previously partnered with MS students at the Leavey School of Business
Business Knowledge
Information Systems Knowledge

*Total academic units and available electives subject to change based on annual curriculum review and updates.

Graduate Bulletin 2024-2025 Graduate Academic Calendar

2024 Practicum Projects

As part of Leavey's experiential learning requirement, our MS students completed the following projects. Explore how these projects connected Leavey students directly with leading Silicon Valley companies and potential employers.

"Having 6 years of work experience, I wanted to pursue Masters from a University which could help enhance my business and technical skills. With the right set of courses, professors with industry experience to guide me and an excellent career management office, I successfully achieved this. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, it is a great place to meet industry experts from top technical companies and this makes Santa Clara an appealing choice."

Tulika Mishra
MSIS Class of 2018

Careers in Information Systems

The Graduate Business Career Management (GBCM) team organizes a diverse range of events and workshops, offers unlimited one-on-one career coaching, and provides networking opportunities for graduate students and alumni.

MSIS students report being employed within 6 months of graduation (following the 2021 academic year)

Common Roles

Data Analysts 
Business Intelligence Analysts
Data Engineers
Database Developer
Project/Product Manager
Product Engineer
IT Business Analyst
Example Employers: Amazon, LinkedIn, Applied Materials, Intuitive, McAfee, Iqvia, Equinix


MS in Information Systems

Next Steps

Our admissions team looks for:

  • Bachelor's Degree – All majors accepted
  • Prerequisites – Python, R, Java, C or C++ course from an accredited college or university
  • Work Experience – Not required, but may strengthen application
  • International Applicants
    • Academic Records and Transcripts – Must be evaluated by a NACES member organization
    • English Proficiency Test – TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or GMAT/GRE score above 50th percentile on the verbal portion
    • Recommended to submit application by Priority Deadline for I20 Preparation

Join us at one of many admissions events, including information sessions, networking events, webinars, and class visits. Find an upcoming event that fits in your schedule.

We know you have questions! Our admissions team is available for one-on-one phone or virtual appointments.

For your application, you'll need:

  • Application fee*
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal statement
  • GMAT/GRE scores or test waiver
  • Official transcripts*
  • 2 letters of recommendation*
  • Interview (as requested)

* Waived for Santa Clara University Alumni Pathway applicants

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Leavey School of Business graduate students collaborating on campus

MS in Information Systems Admissions Deadlines

Cost & Financing

MS in Information Systems Program Costs

The estimated cost for the MS in Information Systems program is $1,328 per unit for the 2024-2025 academic year, with a minimum of 48 units required for graduation. Program fees are subject to adjustment annually, and the number of required units may change. Visit the University Financial Aid Office website for more information about the cost of attendance.

Ways to Finance Your MS

Leavey School of Business graduate at commencement


Merit scholarships are automatically considered at the time of application. The majority of merit awards are given to students with a GRE or GMAT score officially submitted, and to students who apply by priority deadlines. Explore all available graduate business scholarships

Students walking in and out of Lucas Hall


The University Financial Aid Office can help in locating and applying for federal or private loans. You may visit the staff in Patricia A. and Stephen C. Schott Admission and Enrollment Services Building; call (408) 551-1000, or email

Two people shaking hands over a desk

Employer Support

Some students receive financial assistance from their employers that can help offset the cost of attendance. Check out this article from Indeed for tips on gaining employer support for your journey to a graduate degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our on-campus MS Programs are STEM-designated degrees and graduating students are eligible for the STEM OPT extension depending on their situation. Length depends on whether or not students have used any OPT time prior to joining our program.

Applications are normally open 9 months in advance of the application deadline.

Yes. Applicants are eligible to apply without the prerequisite(s), but must fulfill the prerequisite(s) prior to enrolling.

  • MS Business Analytics: 1 course of college-level calculus and 1 course of college-level statistics
  • MS Financial Analytics: 1 course of college-level calculus and 1 course of college-level statistics
  • MS Information Systems: 1 course of college-level programming (accepted languages are Python, Java, R, C and C++ only)
  • MS Marketing: No prerequisites

Courses from Coursera, Straighterline, Udacity, edX, or the like, are not accepted. Prerequisites must be taken at an accredited university. Applicants may take the prerequisites through a University of California Extension, though a comparable university or community college is accepted, if accredited.

Prerequisites must have at minimum the following course content:

  • Statistics - Topics in statistics should include descriptive statistics, regression, probability, random variables and distributions, the central limit theorem, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for 1 & 2 populations, goodness of fit, and contingency tables.
  • Programming Language - C, C++, Java, Python, or R. Students should have an intermediate understanding of the language after the completion of their course. Languages such as Javascript, HTML, SQL and CSS will not fulfill the requirement.
  • Calculus 1 - Topics should include differential and integral calculus, key concepts of limit, derivative and continuity, derivatives in graphing and optimizing functions, and fundamental theorem of calculus.

No. Prerequisite competencies must be taken from accredited colleges/universities who can provide us with an official transcript showing successful completion (grade)

Our MS programs do not require full-time work experience. However, work experience is preferred and many MS students have had between 1-3 years of work experience prior to enrolling, including internship experience. College seniors and recent college graduates are eligible to apply.

While the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) has been the standard exam used for business schools, the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is also accepted. We do not prefer one exam over the other.

We do not have minimum test scores for the GMAT or GRE and your application evaluation is based on a comprehensive review. The average GMAT score for MS programs is 650. The average GRE score is 309 for MS programs. Scores from either test are valid for five (5) years. Applicants are welcome to take either exam more than once; we will only consider the highest score.

Applicants whose first language is not English must achieve a minimum score of 100 on the TOEFL (internet-based test), or 7 on the IELTS, or 125 on Duolingo. Scores are valid for two years. This requirement also may be met by scoring at or above the 50th percentile on the verbal portion of the GMAT or GRE, or if the applicant has a degree from an accredited U.S. university.

GMAT School Code: BV3-WB-51

GRE School Code: 4851

TOEFL School Code: 4851; or BusinessCAS B888

Duolingo English Test - Send to Leavey School of Business

Yes, you may submit, however it is preferable that GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, Duolingo and/or IELTS scores are submitted with the application. We recommend that applicants take the test at least 4 weeks before the posted deadline. Delays in taking and/or reporting the test scores will postpone the completion of your application, and ultimately a decision. All scores must be verified.

Yes, but only to strong candidates who demonstrate a combination of good full-time work experience and a strong, verifiable (usually with transcripts) quantitative/technical background. Students who submit waivers risk not being eligible for any merit scholarships.

Yes. All students who submit their completed application by the priority deadline are reviewed for scholarship when we evaluate their application. No additional paperwork is required. Students who submit after that date may be considered if scholarship funds are still available. Scholarships are merit-based.

In addition, the university offers federal and private loans. Domestic students (US citizens and permanent residents) are eligible for both federal and private loans, while international students are only eligible for private loans with or without a creditworthy US cosigner.

On-Campus Programs


Winter Deadline (approximate start date early January)

  • October 1st final deadline

Fall Deadline (approximate start date mid-September)

  • April 1st for scholarship priority
  • May 1st final deadline


Fall Deadline (approximate start date mid-September)

  • April 1st for scholarship priority
  • May 1st final deadline

For the application process, NO. However, you are required to submit an official transcript for each school you attended or an official foreign evaluation (if you’ve attended an international school) before the first quarter begins.

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree from outside of the United States are required to have their official transcripts evaluated, regardless if the transcript is printed in English. (Applicants with a US master’s degree are waived this requirement.) We require a course-by-course, cumulative GPA, and U.S. degree equivalency evaluation. We have several service providers.

Maybe. All international bachelor’s degrees MUST be evaluated (see above) and determined to be equivalent to a US bachelor's degree. Click here to read about the policy for admitting students with a three-year degree.

To qualify for internships, international students on an F-1 visa MUST complete three consecutive quarters as a full-time student. They must also submit a request to pursue the internship with student programs and the ISS Office.

We prefer letters of recommendations from your professional network, that is, supervisors and colleagues; however, we also accept letters of recommendations from those you have worked with in academic and volunteering settings, particularly for those who will or have recently completed an undergraduate degree prior to the start of the program.

Qualified applicants will be invited to interview either in person or via Zoom.

After an application is submitted, applicants will receive an email with login credentials to access their Application Status page. This page will show the application checklist, any missing materials, and provide the option to upload any additional documents. 

Once the application is complete, qualified applicants will receive an invitation to schedule an on-campus or video admission interview. Following the interview, most applicants will receive an admission decision within two weeks after the final admissions interview.

Once admitted students must place a nonrefundable deposit within 2 weeks to hold a seat in the program to which they were admitted. The deposit is credited toward the first quarter of tuition.

MSIS: $750
MSBA, MSFA: $1000

We offer a total of four online programs, including three MS programs - MS Business Analytics, MS Finance and Analytics, and MS Marketing - as well as our Online MBA. To learn more about our online offerings, visit here

Yes, SCU offers Graduate Housing options.

Many of our Graduate Students choose their own accommodation within walking distance of campus. The admission team will not work with students directly to secure housing, but may offer opportunities to connect with other admitted students prior to the start of the program.