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Kirthi Kalyanam : Dental in Retail : Healthline

LSB’s Kirthi Kalyanam discusses the “Amazon effect” on retail.
JCPenney Research Professor and Director of RMI Krithi Kalyanam Head Shot

L.J. Skaggs Distinguished Professor and Director of the Retail Management Institute, Kirthi Kalyanam spoke about the upcoming launch of dental services in CVS and Walgreens. With the incorporation of dental services in stores, these traditional brick and mortar retailers are aiming to compete against the rise of online shopping. Kalyanam suggests the strategicness of using services as it combines the retail strengths of location and physical convenience.

“The only thing resilient against this kind of Amazon encroachment is services,” Kalyanam said in the article. “The adding of services that you can’t do online is the way physical retail has to survive.”

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