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Finance Professor Sanjiv Das Head Shot

Finance Professor Sanjiv Das Head Shot

Sanjiv Das : Artificial Intelligence : Pew Research Center

LSB’s Sanjiv Das was featured for his expertise in a Pew Research Center article on artificial intelligence.
William and Janice Terry Professor of Finance Sanjiv Das Head Shot

Sanjiv Das, William and Janice Terry Professor of Finance and Business Analytics, was featured by the Pew Research Center for his comments about how AI will become intellectual companions.

“AI will enhance search to create interactive reasoning and analytical systems. Search engines today do not know ‘why’ we want some information and hence cannot reason about it. They also do not interact with us to help with analysis. An AI system that collects information based on knowing why it is needed and then asks more questions to refine its search would be clearly available well before 2030. These ‘search-thinking bots’ will also write up analyses based on parameters elicited from conversation and imbue these analyses with different political (left/right) and linguistic (aggressive/mild) slants, chosen by the human, using advances in language generation, which are already well under way. These ‘intellectual’ agents will become companions, helping us make sense of our information overload. I often collect files of material on my cloud drive that I found interesting or needed to read later, and these agents would be able to summarize and engage me in a discussion of these materials, very much like an intellectual companion. It is unclear to me if I would need just one such agent, though it seems likely that different agents with diverse personalities may be more interesting! As always, we should worry what the availability of such agents might mean for normal human social interaction, but I can also see many advantages in freeing up time for socializing with other humans as well as enriched interactions, based on knowledge and science, assisted by our new intellectual companions.”

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