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Committing to Excellence

The Business School honored students committed to excellence at the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society initiation and reception.

Each year, the Leavey School of Business inducts new students into the Santa Clara University chapter of the international business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma. Only the top 20% of graduate business students, and the top 10% of undergraduate business students are invited to join. A ceremony to celebrate new inductees was held on campus this spring; all Beta Gamma Sigma members, both current students and alumni, were invited.

This year’s inductees “embody the commitment to excellence and the intellectual values that are the soul of every university,” said Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley at the ceremony. “These scholars are our very best students. We are proud and honored to have them as a part of our community.”

Jim Burns '86, an accomplished Silicon Valley executive with a track record of excellence over 30 years in both operational and financial roles, was honored as the 2018 Beta Gamma Simga chapter honoree. This award is conferred upon those who have advanced the ideals of the Society through outstanding business and managerial leadership. Currently an independent consultant and founder of Jim Burns Consulting, he serves on the advisory board for the Leavey School of Business and SCU's Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education and was named the 2016 Bay Area CFO of the Year by the San Francisco Business Times


Over one hundred and fifty current business students are part of Beta Gamma Sigma’s ranks at SCU. Congratulations to all who were initiated into this international honor society!

Below is a list of students who are part of Beta Gamma Sigma this year. Find photos of the Ceremony here»

Undergraduate Juniors Undergraduate Seniors   Graduate Business Class of 2018  
Daniel Anaforian Michelle Adelina Francis Tan  Dmitry Abramov Janelle Shook

Richard Barber

Justin Alexander Azzarito

Erica M Tom 


Vikrant Soman 

Kayla Bautista

Matthew Bettencourt

Katherine Christine Uhl  Hyunchul Byun Neha Srivastava 

Evan Chen

Torben P Billow

Alexander Wood  Logan Chun Sunil Sundaresan 

Chih-Yi Chu

Lily Bui

Michelle Wu 

Roopa Daga

Prnima Tripathi 

Connor Dalbow

Chad Sean Calnon

Reid Kawika Yamauchi  

Dianna Dai

Huey Veltchev 

Mike Gomez

Callister Anne Carson

Caleb Zatto 

Vinamrata Dake

Chelsea Verhasselt 

Austin Gray

David Chan

Christopher Zhang 

Yiye Fang

Grant Wasson 

Kalyn Ichinotsubo

Carlie Cuddihy

Cindy Zhu 

Benson Giang

Jerrick Wu  

Kylie Ishii

Patrick De Guzman  

Tuhina Goel

Yue Wu 

Sonya Jain

Anya Michelle Dennis


Donald Horton


Gen Kimura

Caroline Moritz Dorman


Melissa Howe

 Lauren Kinerk

Nicholas August Dudler


Malya Jain


Krystal Lam

Cooper William Ebbott


Lige Jiang


Jackson Larango

Marc Gehrig


Nikhil Kaushik


Veronica Lu

Kathryn Hanson-Dobbs

  Arpita Khandelwal  

Mindy Luong

Haley Miyuki Harada

  Ravi Kongara  

Eoin Lyons

Catherine Kang


Pooja Kotian


Kenzie Mayer

Kevin Nobuyuki Koda  

Sneha Krishnan


Cameron McDowell

Laura Kate Kubisiak


Ram Kumar


Daniel Medaglia

Amy Michelle Lutfi  

Meiyuan Li

Peyton Miller

Tristyn Martin


 Jina Lin


Riley Moran

Reilley Francis May


James McCormack


Katyayani Pathak

Kirsten Lynn Mead


Margaret McGuigan


Kyle Perez

Emily C Monroe


Sri Deepthi Melarkdoe Subramanyam


Jared Peterson

Sylas Timothy Montgomery


Tulika Dhirendra Mishra


Joseph Plata

Delaney N Niehoff  

Sangeetha Narayana Prabhu


Jessica Ramirez

John Patrick Niles


Sudha Nemani


Matthew Robinson

Kelly Rei Ouye


Adrienne Nguyen


Matilde Saucedo

John Peters


Priyanka Amey Nirpase


Brian Schunk

Natalie Tsurayo Ramirez


Shreya Prabhu


Anna Schutt

Jerica Paige Schlachter

  Vinesh Pratap  
Matthew Sipowicz 

Matt Sinsioco


Christine Rudy

Mark So 

Shyla Suri


Matthew Scates

Thomas Vickers 

Tiffany Phuong Tram Ta


Parshwa Shah

Katherine Wickstrom 

Taylor Miyuki Tagawa


Matthew Shahbazian


Founded in 1913, with the Santa Clara chapter founded in 1955, Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society for collegiate schools of business. Its purpose is to encourage and reward scholarship and academic achievement in the field of commerce.



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