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LSB Community Fellows

The Leavey School of Business Community Fellows Program engages business students with local community organizations in year long internship experiences.  

About the Program

The Leavey School of Business Community Fellows Program places talented and committed undergraduate business students in paid, year-long internships at nonprofit and government organizations.  Fellows also enroll in a year-long academic experience to reflect on and explore social justice and economic issues. 




Through hands-on, community-based learning opportunities, LSB Community Fellows:

  • Hone their business skills through real-world applications in organizations often challenged by inadequate resources and skill sets;
  • Gain perspectives on social justice and community engagement, and on how they can incorporate these into their lives while at SCU and after;
  • Make a real difference in our community;
  • Facilitate University and Leavey School strategic goals to strengthen connections with the Silicon Valley community and pursue issues of social justice.

Fellowships require a year- long commitment from students and pay students at a rate competitive with internships in the for-profit sector.  Fellows participate in a 1-unit seminar during each quarter. The seminar provides academic background on poverty and social issues to inform their work and a venue in which interns can learn from each other, reflect on their experiences, and continue to build a network of relationships in the community.

Student learning from the Fellows program combines social justice with economic observations and  professional development insight. 

Watch the videos below to hear from the current and former LSB Fellows.

LSB Community Fellows: Jordan Johnson-Wojnicki

LSB Community Fellows: Kat Zhang

LSB Community Fellows: Carolyn Valencia

LSB Community Fellows: Brendan Jones

LSB Community Fellows: Jonathan Bowers

LSB Community Fellows: Sara Montenegro

LSB Community Fellows: Simone Walker

LSB Community Fellows: Hannah Curtis

LSB Community Fellows: Marli Stellhorn

LSB Community Fellows: Josh Raymundo

LSB Community Fellows Alum: Kate Laughton

Samantha Malone

LSB Community Fellow 2017
Richard J. Riordan Award 2017

"Joining the LSB Fellowship was the best decision I made while at SCU. The fellowship allowed me to practically apply what I was already learning, but more importantly it taught me deeper levels of compassion and empathy for others. It meant the world to me to help our students realize that college was attainable and see the determination in their eyes as we helped them prepare for tests and applications."
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