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Angelene Estiandan: A Symbiotic Relationship— The Business Mindset & The Non-Profit Sector

Angelene shares how a business mindset can complement the work of non-profits and vice-versa!

Although I have been the Special Projects Fellow for the Corporate Work Study
Program Fellow (CWSP) at Cristo Rey San Jose High School for just 5 months, I feel
that my insights, opinions, and skills have been valuable and unique to this
organization. Going into the position, I wondered how I could be of utility to hard-
working group of people as a college student. Then it became apparent; from creating
and analyzing datasets that I learned how to do from my classes at Santa Clara
University’s Leavey School of Business or past internships to creating alumni success
resources inspired by my business fraternity, I was able to apply the business
knowledge needed to excel the organization further. The impact that my business skills
have on the non-profit sector goes beyond the tangible outcomes; the business mindset
allows for distinctive solutions to problems faced in the office differently from my co-

Aside from all the skills that a business education brings to the table, business students
also must recognize the soft skills and values that non-profit, government and
community work teaches students. The empathy I learned from my work for the CWSP
department stems from the background stories and conversations with people of the
marginalized communities that we serve. The people skills that I developed through
connecting with these communities prepare me to be a stronger asset in my future
professional career as an understanding person who harnesses the skills needed.

The mutually beneficial relationship that exists between a business mindset and working
in the non-profit sector is not to be underestimated. Most business students enter
college not considering the non-profit sector for their internships and future, neglecting
that the non-profit sector is just as much an opportunity to grow as for-profit
organizations. Working in the non-profit sector now and seeing my own work come to
life and make a difference in others’ lives, I believe there is a need for there to be
courses on a non-profit-focused education and the potential growth of professionalism
within that sector. SCU does a great job of providing classes like the “Not-for-profit
Accounting” course and the requirement of the Experimental Learning for Social Justice
(ELSJ), but I know higher education can expose students further! Through this
exposure, students will be able to leave undergraduate education as more well-rounded
candidates for any job or internship in their professional careers.

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