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Program Leaders

LSB Community Fellows Program Leaders

Program Director and Professor of Practice , LSB Community Fellows

Jackie Schmidt-Posner, Ph.D.

Program Director, LSB Community Fellows

William Sundstrom

Program Director, LSB Community Fellows

Brenda Versteeg

Sean Roe

LSB Community Fellow 2013
The LSB Leadership Award 2015

"If I were to take anything away from working at San Jose's City Hall, it's that the issues of homelessness and poverty in the Silicon Valley are complex, far-reaching and systematic. There are no quick-fixes. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Change requires the empowerment of local leadership, whether that be through a neighborhood, a community association, a school, or a small business. Particularly with small businesses, city governments have the ability to promote growth and lower barriers to entry; small businesses make strong and invested communities. I am excited to see continued strengthening of micro-communities within San Jose and watch them contribute to the betterment of the city. "
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