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Leavey Ambassadors Program

Meet Leavey School of Business Ambassadors

Leavey School of Business (LSB) student ambassadors are passionate about sharing their experiences with prospective students and families.  Click on the student profiles below to learn more about their involvement at SCU and LSB, what internships and opportunities they’ve had and why they decided to attend LSB.

Please email if you want to set up a time to meet with an ambassador over email, phone, or Zoom. Please provide the dates and times you are available and select two or three ambassadors you would be interested in meeting.


2020-2021 Leavey Ambassadors

Acntg & Information Systems Major
Las Vegas, Nevada

Sean Marks,
Class of 2022

Finance & Spanish Studies Majors
International Business Minor
Pasadena, California

Marina Menendez,
Class of 2022

Finance & Psychology Majors
Fort Worth, Texas

Anna Morris,
Class of 2021

Finance Major
Fairfield, Connecticut

Will Stanco,
Class of 2021

Leavey Ambassadors Alumni

Finance Major
Los Altos, California

Arjun Dhalla,
Class of 2021

ISA & Independent Studies
Honolulu, HI

Kayla Muraoka,
Class of 2020

Mgmt. Information Systems
Pleasanton, CA

Sophie Nguyen,
Class of 2020

Accounting & Information Systems Major
Saratoga, California

Malika Singh,
Class of 2021