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Tim Bucher

Tim Bucher
CEO at Agtonomy

Tim Bucher is a high-tech serial entrepreneur who has created several successful companies over the last 3 decades, taking one of them public and selling six others to tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and Seagate. His expertise lies in consumer products, digital audio and video, data storage technology, cloud services, computer vision solutions, AgTech, and general device/service (IoT) ecosystems with special focus on product vision/strategy, engineering, UX, business development, and product marketing. Tim has served in executive roles directly for Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Michael Dell learning how those leaders achieved product innovations and expanded their businesses. He can span from high-level vision to hands-on implementation, always focused on innovation and creating new markets or growing existing ones.

He is extremely passionate about motivating and leading teams to help make the impossible possible in order to find new business opportunities.

In parallel with his tech career, Tim has extensive experience in the agriculture industry having built a successful olive oil, vineyard, and wine business over the course of several decades.

Tim received his undergraduate degree from UC Davis in Computer and Electrical Engineering and later graduated from Stanford University with a Master's of Science in Computer Architecture.