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December 2016 Five10 Report

The five10 Report - engineering news from weeks 5 and 10 of the quarter

Student News

  • Graduate Students in our Computer Engineering Department have been busy this year making a name for themselves in Hackathons. RoomScore won third place in BroncoHack and Incognitech received the Best TechCrunch/Crunchbase/WP Data Hack Award at TechCrunch.

  • Roshan Ramankutty '16 (computer engineering), research assistant in the Frugal Innovation Hub, presented a poster, "Compressing SMS Messages for Lowering Communication Costs in Rural Africa," at ACM Dev in Nairobi, Kenya, Nov. 18-20.

Faculty News

  • Yi Fang (computer engineering) co-organized an international workshop on Data-Driven Talent Acquisition, providing a forum for academia and industry to discuss how the use of Big Data can transform the current practice of talent acquisition and human resource management. More information.

  • Silvia Figueira (computer engineering) presented three posters at ACM Dev in Nairobi, Kenya, Nov. 18-20. Two of the posters, in collaboration with Dan Lewis, were the result of their Google-funded Summer Institute for Humanitarian Computing (SIHC).

  • Glenn Williams (applied mathematics) had a second U.S. patent issued based on his research and development of novel methods for predictive input-response modeling: "Device for predicting non-linear, time-dependent responses of a component of a system to an input into the system" (US 9460246 B2).

  • Jonathan Zhang (bioengineering), his SCU lab, and colleagues at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center identified and illustrated the molecular timer that programs apoptosis (cell death). Their detailed findings will be published in Nature Communication.

School News

  • Accreditation: The ABET accreditation team visited and evaluated School of Engineering BS programs in computer science and engineering, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, Nov. 6-8. Dean Godfrey Mungal gave an overview, and the team toured facilities, interviewed administrators, faculty and students.

  • SCU's First Place-winning rEvolve House is a media star, garnering a wide range of coverage across the web through news and social channels and on tv and radio in 26 states! Find lots of photos on Business Insider, and a great representation of the tv coverage in this report from Maine.

  • We are saddened to report that Mark Ardema, Professor Emeritus in Mechanical Engineering, has died at the age of 75.  A world authority on dynamics, trajectory optimization, singular perturbation theory, game theory and hypersonic aircraft trajectories and structures, he contributed greatly to the SoE. More information.