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Current Research Areas

Current research efforts are in the following areas:

  1. Multibody and Analytical Dynamics: Extending the analytical theory of spinning-thrusting spacecraft and developing high–fidelity models for spacecraft with fuel sloshing.
  2. Control of Aerospace Vehicles: Developing control laws for the following applications:
    • Improve the fuel efficiency of a new generation of commercial aircraft via wing shape control.
    • Position tracking and control of multi-UAV via the concept of shared control.
    • Attitude/position control of flexible space vehicles and vibration control of flexible components (structure).
    • Attitude control of spacecraft with fuel sloshing.
    • Attitude control of large solar sails.
  3. Guidance and Control of Reentry Vehicles: Extending the analytical theory of reentry vehicles and developing new optimal guidance and control (G&C) algorithms for atmospheric planetary entry vehicles.
Dynamics and Control Systems

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering