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Frugal Innovation Hub


Corporate Partners and Donors

Support FIH humanitarian projects by providing financial support, contributing your time and expertise, and partnering on program initiatives.

Whether you're a foundation, a corporation, an individual employee, or a retired professional - we want to work with you!

We're always excited to hear about the work that you're doing or have done in the 'technology for social benefit' space, and are flexible when it comes to figuring out how we can work together.

Some collaboration models that have worked really well in the past have been:

Corporations and Foundations

  • Contributed financial support for a project team or initiative (i.e. general funding support for the lab, a program, an event, or a specific project).
  • Suggested a project or collaboration on an existing project (i.e. requesting a student team to build components of a web-based application).
  • Proposed a joint initiative that has a specific aim in mind (i.e. engaging more women and minorities in entrepreneurship and technology).
  • Arranged for employee volunteering time to mentor students and advise on specific technical elements of projects (i.e. 5 hours per month phone/Skyping time with employees to learn about microfluidics or manufacturing of thermoelectric modules).
  • Provided judges and/or prizes for hackathons and other student competitions (i.e. industry judges to evaluate mobile applications for homeless people in Santa Clara County).


  • Provide mentorship for student teams in your area of expertise.
  • Donate to a project or initiative and support their ability to execute successfully.
  • Volunteer during events held in the Frugal Innovation Hub (hint: there's almost always good food!).
  • Suggest relevant connections that would be mutually valuable to both the lab and your contact.
  • Other: We always want passionate people involved, so please feel free to reach out and we'll be sure to figure something out!


To make a donation, please contact us at:
Phone: (408) 554-2334


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