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Ethics Cases

Find case studies and scenarios on a variety of fields in applied ethics.

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  • Ethical Campaign Pledge

    A sin of omission?

    Misrepresenting an opponent's position

  • Coordinating

    The proper relationship between a campaign and an independent expenditure committee

    A campaign manager signals the candidate's wishlist.

  • Friendship and Government Contracts

    Conflicts of interest in campaigns

    A candidate's friend becomes a bidder on a government contract

  • Campaign Questionnaires

    Pledges and endorsements

    When candidates fills out a questionnaire for an interest group, do they pre-commit themselves to positions before they have had a chance to hear all sides of a legislative issue?

  • Using a Public Resource

    Access for candidates to government-created email lists

    Can a campaign use government databases?

  • Campaign Shenanigans

    When volunteers behave unethically

    Student volunteers remove an opponent's yard signs.

  • Seal of Approval

    A case in campaign ethics

    A candidate poses with the seal of the office she hopes to hold

  • Mudslinging or Relevant Information

    When is a candidate's personal life fair game?

    A candidate must decide whether to use information about his opponent's marriage.

  • The "Goodbye Fears Monster"

    An Ethics Case Study

    A new toy records the fears of young children and passes them along to parents.

  • Facebook and the French Flag

    A Social Media Ethics Case Study

    Was Facebook acting ethically in enabling the French flag overlay for its users?