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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics


Articles on the importance of diversity and inclusion at the board level and in the workplace.

  • Best Practices for Creating an Inclusive Culture Grounded in Employee Experience

    Direction for the development of the workplace virtue known as cultural humility, defining employee experience, and identifying competencies that can be used to cultivate skills in the workforce with suggestions about how these can be woven into the intentional management and integration of corporate culture.

  • Sparking Transformative Solutions

    The co-founders of the Science of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (SODI) talk about the implications of D&I research in the workplace.

  • Tools for dialogue around challenging topics at work

    Academic and industry experts discuss microaggressions, Islamophobia, and freedom of speech in professional settings.

  • An investor's perspective

    BlackRock Managing Director Michelle Edkins urges diversity for boards of directors.

  • These 6 questions reveal a company’s true character.

  • How company credo can promote healthy culture

    Executives and employees need to be on the same page about a company’s ethics and image.

  • Why Diversity is Good for Corporate Governance

    An analysis of the reasons for the lack of minority representation on boards of directors.

  • A summary of a Business Ethics Partnership program.

  • Comparable worth is a strategy that attempts to correct past injustices. But implementation of comparable worth risks imposing new costs on society, and raises new questions.

  • Corporate Governance Continues to Evolve

    Stakeholders, diversity, and right relations are on the minds of people minding corporations.