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Joanna Thompson, director, Office of Multicultural Learning
Joanna Thompson, Director, SCU Office for Multicultural Learning

Joanna Thompson

Thompson is a trained criminologist, receiving her B.A. in Criminology and Investigations from West Virginia University and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Criminology, Law, and Justice from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before joining SCU, Thompson lived in Chicago for eight years where she taught criminology courses at UIC and worked at Center on Halsted – an LGBTQ community center – for 1 year. Her mixed-race (half-Black/half-Latina) and queer identities make her passionate about intersectionality and social justice. As the Director of the Office for Multicultural Learning, Thompson is dedicated to helping educate and transform the SCU community when it comes to multicultural and multiracial issues.

Ohlone mural.

How to Give Thanks and Acknowledge History

By Joanna Thompson
Santa Clara must grapple with its own involvement in the problematic history surrounding Thanksgiving and Native American culture.
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Painting of the first Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Talk About Native American Heritage Month

By Joanna Thompson
Though the broad messages of Thanksgiving are ones we can all theoretically get behind we should also acknowledge that this messaging doesn’t tell the whole story...
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