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A slice of orange on a wooden table

A slice of orange on a wooden table

Life Lessons from an Orange

Capitalizing on a most opportune moment, a curious young fourth grader approached a famous philosopher who was making a stop in the student’s town. “Oh, wise philosopher, what is the meaning of life?” asked the student.

The philosopher responded eagerly. “The answer, child, is inside you.”

Perplexed by the philosopher’s response, the student exclaimed, “I’m not like an orange where you can squeeze it and make orange juice!”

“Ahh,” said the philosopher. “Perhaps you are more like an orange than you realize.”

This statement raises an important question for reflection—What lies within you? As you contemplate, I hope you discern that, like an orange, you, too, can be “juiceful.”

Consider these “juiceful” opportunities:

1) Demonstrate the Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

To be “juiceful,” you must always give maximum effort. Your attitude and effort are within your control 100 percent of the time. Regardless of the role you play, there is no excuse to give less than your best.

2) Lead by Example

Sometimes leading with action resonates with others more than words may. Being “juiceful” creates opportunities for others to join you in generating a positive culture.

Examples include:

  • Arriving on time
  • Preparing for meetings, especially meetings that you organize
  • Engaging with others and showing interest in their lives, both work and personal
  • Listening intently
  • Offering encouragement

3) Commit to Being Reliable, Honest, and Trustworthy

To be “juiceful,” live up to these expectations. Do what you say you will do. Develop humility, and subscribe to the idea of owning mistakes and learning from them. Recognize that reliability and honesty yield trustworthiness. You will find that people want to work with others whom they can trust.

4) Project Confidence in Yourself and Others

“Juiceful” individuals display confidence. An aura of confidence can attract positive attention and create new opportunities. Confident people perform with high-level consistency and instill confidence in others.

5) Respect Others

“Juiceful” people treat others with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. They encourage coworkers to express opinions and ideas, and they use people’s ideas to change or improve work.

Consider your current position in life. Take stock of your family, friends, and colleagues. Are you “juiceful” to them? Do you generate goodness for their lives? Moreover, how do you respond when life squeezes you?

Add value to your relationships. Resolve to become a better version of yourself. Endeavor to persevere. Choose to be “juiceful.”

“Ahh…Perhaps you are more like an orange than you realize.”

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