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Jesica Fernandez
Jesica Siham Fernández, Assistant Professor, SCU Department of Ethnic Studies

Jesica Siham Fernández

Jesica Siham Fernández completed her PhD in Social Psychology with an emphasis in Latin American & Latinx Studies (LALS) from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2015. She is trained as a social-community psychologist engaged in Latinx Studies and Critical Race & Ethnic Studies. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor in the Ethnic Studies Department at Santa Clara University. Jesica engages decolonial feminist perspectives and community-based participatory action research (CBPAR) paradigms to work collaboratively with communities to document their lived experiences, center their voices in public discourse, and address social issues affecting their lives.

A protest sign of Emma Gonzalez. CC Flickr

The Kids are Marching In

By Jesica Siham Fernández
How youth activism and organizing has evolved in the 21st century.
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