Technology at SCU

Wireless Printing

Wireless printers are not currently supported on the campus network.  

However, students, faculty and staff can print wirelessly to a network or SmartPrint printer from their mobile devices.

The instructions mentioned/listed below will only work if you are located on the Santa Clara University campus at the time you perform the steps. Follow these steps to print from a wireless laptop:

  1. First, you must have a SCU Network ID (Novell). If you are a student, you should have a Network ID already assigned to you. If you are a Faculty/Staff, use your Network ID. If you are a new Faculty/Staff you can apply for a new account with the Faculty/Staff Network ID and Email Account Request Form (PDF).
  2. Next, you must setup the SCU wireless network on your computer. Follow the steps in the Wireless Adapter Configuration section under the Wireless Network Information page.
  3. Once you are on the SCU wireless network, you can install network printing on your computer.
    • Faculty/Staff: if you would like to use a departmental printer, it is most likely on iPrint. You can follow the installation instruction for iPrint on the iPrint information page.
    • Students: if you would like to use the SmartPrint printers on campus, the SmartPrint client software installation instructions can be found on the SmartPrint information page.
Jan 8, 2016