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Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

In 2017, LSB began celebrating its senior Accounting and A&IS majors with a BBQ where students are able to recognize each other's success as they prepare for graduation.

In prior years, the Accounting Department recognized its graduating seniors at the Annual Awards Banquet. Beginning in 2017, however, we instead began celebrating the graduation of our senior Accounting and A&IS majors with a BBQ held at the Adobe Lodge on the last day of regular classes in the Spring Quarter.

On Friday, June 8th, 2018, at 5pm, the Accounting Department held its 2nd Annual Senior BBQ at the Adobe Lodge. Graduating seniors and accounting faculty had the opportunity to congratulate one another on their success while enjoying a wholesome BBQ dinner and drinks.

Congratulation to the following students who have graduated from our programs!

Accounting Majors

Thomas Alexander  Kathryn Hanson-Dobbs Annie Pan
Valdemar Emil Andersen Maxime Heerinckx Natalie Quintanilla
Sydney Arnoff William Ho Natalie Ramirez
Kayla Ayres Claire Jensen Melissa Ramos
Tyler Bergmann Trevor Johnson Carley Robertson
Ankita Bhatkhande Audrey Kenealy Madison Schaefer
Kyle Boyce  Kelly King Jessica Seandel
Sharleen Cabal Madison Kingston Jiana Serpa
Aaron Callow Laura Kubisiak Michael Shea
Cayla Carson  Jonathan Kwong Ryan Shear 
Christopher Chang Catherine Laughton Hayden Shieh
Connie Chang Sydney Lautze Matthew Sinsioco
Bryan Chang Thien An Le Celestine Sun
Kendall Chase Kristin Le Shyla Suri
Xin Chen Trevor Lee Grigorii Svintcitckii
Rahaima Choudhry Kristina Li Michael Taheri
Bryan Chow Mirol Li Brandon Tam
Greer Chrisman Di Liu Lisa Tharp
Christina Creamer Angela Liu Christian Tiscareno-Kennedy
Margaret Curley Andrew Lung Erica Tom
Ngoc Doan Grace Momota Connor Vogel
Caroline Dorman Aaron Moye Eileen Watson
Cooper Ebbott Megan Muklevicz Jamal Woodard
Taylor Escobar Yuri Nakamura Anqi Xu
Sean Festle Nikolaus Pajouh Isabella Zhang

Accounting & Information Systems Majors

Matthew Bettencourt Meghan Delay Kennedy Scheckla
Dat Thanh Bui Michael Finney Frances Sham
Callister Carson Andrew Furtado Warren Westbrook
Dylan Chng Andrew Heckel Michelle Wu
Simone Corkett Mark McDowell Johnathan Yeung
Patrick De Guzman Harrison Nuzzi Yue Zhu


ACTG, Accountant 18